Please help me fight image theft – theKase is not playing fair! #IAMUNIK #stopimagetheft

Unbelievable, just f***ing unbelievable. This audacity! Yes, I have an artist account with theKase. Yes, I had deleted my images MONTHS ago (last year?) and… drum roll…. theKase is still SELLING my designs on cases and earning money with it while I don’t see one cent! This is not cool, this is not UNIK! InContinue reading “Please help me fight image theft – theKase is not playing fair! #IAMUNIK #stopimagetheft”

Society6 now has Android smartphone cases 📱

Yay, after years with only iPhone cases, Society6 has finally launched cases for many Samsung, LG and Google smartphones! Android cases are available in two diferent case styles (Slim and Tough) Each case style is available for most current Samsung, LG and Google models Minimal profile design and an additional impact resistant silicone lining availableContinue reading “Society6 now has Android smartphone cases 📱”

No Sales on Cafepress or Society6 in July 2020

Yeah, nothing to report for Society6 or Cafepress – just a big annoying ZERO. Cafepress has silently added cloth masks and big puzzles to their portfolio, so I have recently created a few with my most popular designs. Society6 has sales for June and August but not for July. Who knows why… In case you’dContinue reading “No Sales on Cafepress or Society6 in July 2020”

My Zazzle Sales in July 2020

Zazzle is still my most popular print on demand shop with the best and most earnings. Puzzle sales came to a hault, but masks seem to keep selling! And I do notice that I have sold a few older products/designs that I had shared in June to revive them. It worked again! And I haveContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in July 2020”

My Redbubble Sale in July 2020

In July 2020, I had two successful sales on Redbubble. This is rather good for me since Redbubble is not the perfect print on demand website for my photo designs. I am proud of these two designs to have been worthy *lol*