Christine aka stine1 is testing @ArtgrabCo – selling Album Cover Art

I have found Art Grab today, a website where artists can sell unique pieces of artwork, e.g. for album covers. After creating a profile I have added a few square designs. The service does not charge upfront fees and only keeps 20% of earnings when you sell something. It think is a fair deal andContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 is testing @ArtgrabCo – selling Album Cover Art”

Get 25% off my VIDA Collection Cloth Face Masks #coupon 🤩💲💲💲

I’ve created a line of wearable art with VIDA – a sustainable, socially-conscious company – and would like to share my most recent cloth face mask designs with you! Be the first to shop my new designs on my personal collection page by clicking any of the products below. And don’t forget the coupon codeContinue reading “Get 25% off my VIDA Collection Cloth Face Masks #coupon 🤩💲💲💲”

The spookiest Halloween cloth face masks from Zazzle 😷☠

Happy Halloween Colorful Stripes Cloth Face Mask by VariedTreasure Monster Mouth Fun Horror Halloween Funny Face Cloth Face Mask by BetterManufaktur Retro Spooky Meow – Distressed Blue ©studioxtine Cloth Face Mask by StudioXtine Boo! Halloween Fun Cartoon White Ghost Pumpkin Cloth Face Mask by GiftsWithPatterns Halloween Boo Ghost Bat Witch Pumpkin Cloth Face Mask byContinue reading “The spookiest Halloween cloth face masks from Zazzle 😷☠”

Buy unique Cloth Face Masks from #Zazzle 😷😍

Anyone here without a re-usable cloth face mask? They are very handy: use them, wash them, use them again. I have soooo many different all over prints available on Zazzle, I am sure I’ve got everyone covered: Unique Face Masks and Shields by Zazzle Shop by Christine aka stine1 Animal Cloth Face Masks and FaceContinue reading “Buy unique Cloth Face Masks from #Zazzle 😷😍”

Neuer Zazzle Onlineshop: #Pellworm Souvenirs und Geschenkideen 🗼

New German blog post about the beautiful North Sea Island Pellworm ahead 🙂 Dank Corona mussten wir wie viele anderen auch unsere Urlaubspläne für den Sommer 2020 ändern. Aus einer Rundreise durch England wurde eine Woche auf der wunderbaren grünen Insel Pellworm in der deutschen Nordsee. Und was soll ich sagen? Es war PERFEKT! DieContinue reading “Neuer Zazzle Onlineshop: #Pellworm Souvenirs und Geschenkideen 🗼”