I need to concentrate on my niches…

Being a working mum with two lovely mini-mes has drastically limited my screen time. Four years ago, I had almost endless hours free time to create new items on a vast variety on print on demand websites. But it changed after the first pregnancy. I once considered myself the leading artist for digital artwork aroundContinue reading “I need to concentrate on my niches…”

My Zazzle Surprise Sales

I just took a look at my all time Zazzle sold products and there are a few surprises that, I thought I’d share. Muir Woods National Monument Travel Mug by stineshop I cannot believe I have sold a total of 46 of these travel mugs as the photo is – let’s be honest! – notContinue reading “My Zazzle Surprise Sales”

Why you should not sell your artwork on Design by Humans #stopimagetheft #SunFrogShirts

About three years ago I thought it would be wise to open an account and store on Design by Humans to sell my artwork and photos to a broader customer base. And now I must admit it was a mistake. DBH does NOT add watermarks to your works and makes it very easy for copycatsContinue reading “Why you should not sell your artwork on Design by Humans #stopimagetheft #SunFrogShirts”

World Hemophilia Day – Hemophilia can’t stop me!

Today (April 17) is World Hemophilia Day. It’s supposed to raise awareness of the “not as rare as you might think” hemophilia A genetic decifiency which results in bleeding. It affects males and there is no real cure yet. You can (and should) fight to remain living an active lifestyle, do not let this geneticContinue reading “World Hemophilia Day – Hemophilia can’t stop me!”

Design of the Day: Rainbow over Willemstad Curaçao

This photo “Rainbow over Willemstad Curaçao” is one of the cherished memories from our Caribbean Cruise a few years ago and it was a once in a lifetime moment to see this rainbow over the city in the morning. I was a bit sad to see that EyeEm did not accept it as a marketContinue reading “Design of the Day: Rainbow over Willemstad Curaçao”