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I had another eight sales during that week and earned a bit over $10 which is not bad. One sale got cancelled. I had no referral sales.

Here are my eight sales from that week:

This photo was shoot a bit over 3 years ago on Route 66, I have created this photo edit recently.

Snow-covered Rose Hip Cards
Snow-covered Rose Hip Cards by stineshop
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This photo was shot half a year ago during winter, it is a beautiful makro or close-up shot.

This photo is a royalty-free photo for everyone to use. It is pretty popular on many designs.

Santa Monica Pier - Grey Sparkles Photo Edit Stamp
Santa Monica Pier – Grey Sparkles Photo Edit Stamp by stineshop
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Postage stamps are a really good earner on Zazzle since people tend to buy more than one sheet.

Painted Ladies, San Francisco Postcards
Painted Ladies, San Francisco Postcards by stineshop
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This is the second sale of this card in two consecutive weeks.

This is the first and so far only sale with this photo edit overlooking Las Vegas, Nevada.

Capitol in Sacramento Post Card
Capitol in Sacramento Post Card by stineshop
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And another postcard that had also sold last week.

And this is te third card we had also sold the week before 🙂

How is Zazzle working for you at the moment?

During this week in 2013, I had eight sales and only two cancellations. That’s a pretty average week. I had no referral sales where I helped selling other artists’ designs. In total, I earned a bit over $2 during this week. Not very much as I sold many less expensive items like postcards but still better than nothing, right?

So here are my sales of the 20th week:

Isla Saona - Palm Tree at the Beach Fridge Magnets
Isla Saona – Palm Tree at the Beach Fridge Magnets by stineshop
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This picturesque photo of a palm tree was shot in February this year on Isla Saona, part of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. We had been there as part of a cruise and it was awesome!

Winter Love - Heart in Snow Postcard
Winter Love – Heart in Snow Postcard by stineshop
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This is a photo, my husband had shot during the last winter solely with the purpose of selling it on Zazzle *lol* As this is not the first item with this photo, I’d say: mission accomplished 🙂

Everything that is related to “Shades of Grey” is a big seller at the moment. A coincidence?

This is a more colourful variation of our Santa Monica Pier photograph.

This is one of our most popular postcards!

A beautiful and picturesque scenery, don’t you think? It’s the Californian Pacific coast.

Wuppertal Floating Train / Wuppertaler Schwebebahn Magnets
Wuppertal Floating Train / Wuppertaler Schwebebahn Magnets by stineshop
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The floating train in Wuppertal is highly unique. In German it’s “Schwebebahn” and is a popular sight of the city Wuppertal. For the next few years, I will be working in Wuppertal and am looking forward to shooting many more photos of the floating train 🙂

Capitol in Sacramento Post Card
Capitol in Sacramento Post Card by stineshop
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This is another one of my most popular postcards. The photo is about 3 and a half years old. Back then, Arnold Schwarzenegger was still governor of California.

So there had been really horrible news around lately that we sellers would not earn any volume bonus anymore. I myself had misunderstood the official Zazzle news. I thought that from July 2013 on, we only can earn bonus when we REFER sales. But that is not true, the basic seller volume bonus remains, the only thing that changes are the percentages. We will earn less (in my case 1% instead of 7% in a regular month.

This is the official information about Zazzle’s volume bonus from their website:

Volume Bonus Program

Multiply your Zazzle earning power beyond your royalties with volume bonuses!

As a Zazzle Associate, you can earn volume bonuses by referring your sales on Zazzle. The more you sell, the more you earn!

New tiers and payout for new program:

  • Earn money on your store and marketplace sales
  • Bonuses start at just $100
  • Build a bigger bonus payment by combining your sales from multiple accounts
  • This program and ALL selling on Zazzle is 100% FREE!

Starting July 1, 2013:

Monthly Base Sales % Bonus
Level 1 $0.00 – $99.99 0%
Level 2 $100 – $999 1%
Level 3 $1,000 – $4,999 5%
Level 4 $5,000 – $99,999 12%
Level 5 $99,999 and above 17%

(Calculated as percentage of Base Sales)

The source of this information, some FAQs and more can be found directly at Zazzle HERE.

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