Zazzle Sales 2012-09-28 (Oktoberfest Items & Santa Monica Pier Postcard)

I had three sales within two days and would like to present them within one article. So far, I had three smaller sales this week. The first two sales I did skip due to lack of time, but I would like to show them now. Let’s get started: O’zapft is! (Oktoberfest) Bumper Sticker by stineshopContinue reading “Zazzle Sales 2012-09-28 (Oktoberfest Items & Santa Monica Pier Postcard)”

Zazzle Sale 2012-09-20 (Neuschwanstein Castle – Schloss Neuschwanstein Postcard)

Yeah, another day another sale. It seems that I get back to selling at least one item daily and to be honest: I love it! I have sold this wonderful post card to Seymour in Laguna Woods, California:   Neuschwanstein Castle – Schloss Neuschwanstein Postcard by stineshop As my royalty increase from 10.1% to 11%Continue reading “Zazzle Sale 2012-09-20 (Neuschwanstein Castle – Schloss Neuschwanstein Postcard)”

Struggling with Sales and Earnings on Zazzle?

Many Zazzle sellers and affiliates fail to get many sales to earn them decent money. Read this article to receive some help. Zazzle is an international print-on-demand service. You can shop millions of great gift ideas and presents. But they also let you design your own items with your photos or art on them andContinue reading “Struggling with Sales and Earnings on Zazzle?”

My Ebook is Published: Effective But Free Marketing for Your Zazzle Shop and Products

My eBook is published, read all about it here: Yesterday, I had made a decision. With half of my book finished, I have published the first half and the second half will be published later this year or next year with even more advice about this topic. English: A Picture of a eBook (Photo credit:Continue reading “My Ebook is Published: Effective But Free Marketing for Your Zazzle Shop and Products”