My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 16)

On April 15th I had two referral sales for Lord of the Rings products but unfortunately, the products are not available anymore to share since it was some kind of limited edition design. Anyway, I earned about €5 from these two referral sales and a few more cents with some own sales: Heart in SandContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 16)”

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 15)

I had not sold very much during that week but it was better than last year 🙂 These are the items I was able to sell: Fairytopia Samsung Chromebook Skin by stineshop Browse more Faeries Skins Pfahlbauten – Stilt House Museum Unteruhldingen Post Card by stineshop Browse for more postcards from Heart in SandContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 15)”

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 14)

Week 14 of 2013 was pretty successful. The best in that week was the Zazzle payment of €96.08 EUR I received 🙂 That is about $130 USD! I did not have referral sales but the following own sales with a royalty of 11%: Sunlight through the Clouds – Sympathy Stamp by stineshop Look at moreContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 14)”