Christine aka stine1 on Amazon Merch – My latest Adventure

A few years ago – I can’t even remember when – I requested an invitation for Amazon Merch. Back then, it was every POD designer’s dream to directly upload designs to Amazon and sell t-shirts through the vast Amazon Marketplace. It was way before copycats nagged us with constantly ripping off our work. Anyway, IContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 on Amazon Merch – My latest Adventure”

Paradise on Earth – Antigua Beach Stock Photos

During our Caribbean Cruise a few years ago – way before hurricane Irma destroyed a lot – we have enjoyed one lazy day on the island Antigua. It was one of the most beautiful stops during the cruise, really worth a second – longer – visit! I am uploading a whole series to EyeEm andContinue reading “Paradise on Earth – Antigua Beach Stock Photos”

Share your oldest blog posts #blastfromtheblogpast

So while updating old blog posts from 2012, I came up with this idea and hashtag: #blastfromtheblogpast Why not interact a bit and see how far we will be coming? Please share your oldest blog posts with this hashtag on all sorts of social media and check out what others are posting 🙂 Have fun!Continue reading “Share your oldest blog posts #blastfromtheblogpast”

Trying to update older blog posts #tedious

In an attempts to please you, the readers, I will try to update old blog posts 😉 Since I had deleted over 300 posts linking to former Polyvore, my blog has been thinned out a LOT. Therefore, some redesigning and construction work is necessary. Renovation, you might say. And since I realized that older postsContinue reading “Trying to update older blog posts #tedious”