My EyeEm Sales in January 2021

Early post about January earnings because there will probably not be any more earning news coming in the next two days. EyeEm will change their earning structure in February and we will probably earn less. The three sales I had in January are also quite… “funny”. “Web License” is a sale directly on EyeEm asContinue reading “My EyeEm Sales in January 2021”

My Redbubble Sales in December 2020

Yeah, some more Redbubble Sales in December 2020 right before Christmas. I must admit it seems to get better and better – ever so slightly – from year to year. Not really paying well yet, but a few extra cents and uploading / creating products is fast. You just need to get a foot intoContinue reading “My Redbubble Sales in December 2020”

My Zazzle Sales in December 2020

With 28 sales, December 2020 was not that exciting on Zazzle. But I did sell a few higher priced items not just the usual cheap postcards. And most Christmas shopping was done in November already. So I am not sad. Let’s take a look at my Zazzle sales in December 2020: Hot Teacher – HOTContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in December 2020”