My EyeEm Sales in January 2021

Early post about January earnings because there will probably not be any more earning news coming in the next two days.

EyeEm will change their earning structure in February and we will probably earn less. The three sales I had in January are also quite… “funny”.

EyeEm Earnings January 2021
EyeEm Earnings January 2021 – click on the screenshot to get to my EyeEm profile

“Web License” is a sale directly on EyeEm as far as I know. The amount is ok for a floral photo.

The Partner License from Getty Images is a joke. My husband already said he does not understand why I want our photos to be sold on Getty. And to be honest, I don’t know anymore either…


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4 thoughts on “My EyeEm Sales in January 2021

  1. This month has been very odd on Eyeem. There have been partner sales with Adobe, Getty, and Bytedance (who I’ve never heard of). Additionally this is the first month I’ve had any direct sales from Eyeem Market. As far as Getty sales go, over the last four months three photos have sold for USD 30+ along with the standard 2 to 20 cent ones.

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  2. Shortly after writing this article, I had two more sales. Which is probably the best month on EyeEm I ever had. Maybe, just maybe, and this is my own weird theory: Maybe the earning scheme change made many users leave and delete their photos so we do have less competition?

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  3. I think you may be right. There is an Eyeem Facebook group I follow which had a number of posts from contributors trying to delete their accounts in protest over the new structure.
    While I’m not thrilled about the new commission ratio, it’s still more than the zero I’d get without services like Eyeem…

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  4. Yeah right, I am not yet at the point where I am deleting anything. I am trying to sail through the storm and upload more photos.

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