New Zazzle Product: Custom Gift Wrapping Paper

A few weeks ago, Zazzle has launched another unique product for you to design, sell and buy: gift wrapping paper for presents. I love it and I think it is perfect for us artists, no matter whether you are a photographer or create graphics or drawings. The images can either be maximised or tiled andContinue reading “New Zazzle Product: Custom Gift Wrapping Paper”

Zazzle Design of The Day: White-handed Gibbon

This cute white-handed gibbon or lar gibbon looks pretty fluffy. We had shot this photo in the Cologne Zoo a few years ago. Here is a pick of the best products with the primate: Fluffy white-handed lar gibbon gift wrap by stineshop Shop for gift wrap paper online at Zazzle Fluffy white-handed lar gibbon gelContinue reading “Zazzle Design of The Day: White-handed Gibbon”

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 33)

The 33rd week of 2013 during August was a week with a lot of sales. In total, I had 10 successfully cleared sales plus two cancellations. Here are the items I could sell, this time shared mostly from for Australia. I am trying to build more backlinks for Zazzle’s international sites 🙂 Isla SaonaContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 33)”

12 German Zazzle Members You Should Not Miss

12 German Zazzle Members you should not miss when searching for a cool Christmas or birthday present. Why not check out our Zazzle shops with thousands of products we offer worldwide 🙂 I have listed our favourite products for you to see what we are capable of, I’d love to read your comments telling usContinue reading “12 German Zazzle Members You Should Not Miss”