My Zazzle Sales in July 2020

Zazzle is still my most popular print on demand shop with the best and most earnings. Puzzle sales came to a hault, but masks seem to keep selling! And I do notice that I have sold a few older products/designs that I had shared in June to revive them. It worked again! And I haveContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in July 2020”

My Zazzle “one sale wonders”

Everyone knows some “one hit wonders”, popular songs from bands you never heard of again after one successful song… So let’s take a look at my “one sale wonders” from Zazzle 🙂 I do hope that I might sell them again one day 😁 I have not included face masks since they are a veryContinue reading “My Zazzle “one sale wonders””

My Zazzle Sales in April 2020

Ok, brace yourself. As sad as this whole corona covid-19 pandemic is – and we don’t even know the end of it yet – the sales on Zazzle are skyrocketing. In case you have no Zazzle account yet or don’t know how to sell more…. design puzzles and cloth face masks. Period… I just hopeContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in April 2020”

Zazzle has added Cloth Face Masks!

After Artsadd (which I don’t design for anymore), Zazzle has made cloth face masks available to add your designs to. As they are printed through their HEART project, you will receive a flat royalty of 5%. I have already created a few allover print face masks, here are some designs: FREEDOM for all of usContinue reading “Zazzle has added Cloth Face Masks!”

Q4 has launched – please keep fighting against Image Theft! #stopimagetheft

Q4 (4th quarter of the year) is here, usually the biggest sales will hit us in the print on demand industry so please do not give up reporting copyright infringements on Amazon Marketplace and other websites! I often hear artists complaining that reporting those copycats will not earn them money and they have to doContinue reading “Q4 has launched – please keep fighting against Image Theft! #stopimagetheft”