My most popular print on demand cloth face masks ðŸ˜·

It really is interesting to see that I do not have that ONE mask design that I am selling like crazy on all print on demand websites. No… as always with every product, I do have one most popular design per page and they couldn’t be more varied… I thought it might be nice toContinue reading “My most popular print on demand cloth face masks ðŸ˜·”

My personal Summer Sale on Zazzle will start today ðŸŒžðŸ˜Ž

Today is June 20 – avid Zazzlers might know the 20th of a month is THE day where you can change your standard royalty. You can change the royalty on every day of the month but the changes will only go live on the 20th. 🤦‍♀️ Since the current financial situation (hello pandemic 😢) isContinue reading “My personal Summer Sale on Zazzle will start today ðŸŒžðŸ˜Ž”

My Zazzle “one sale wonders”

Everyone knows some “one hit wonders”, popular songs from bands you never heard of again after one successful song… So let’s take a look at my “one sale wonders” from Zazzle 🙂 I do hope that I might sell them again one day 😁 I have not included face masks since they are a veryContinue reading “My Zazzle “one sale wonders””

My Zazzle Sales in May 2020

May 2020 is already over, wow it went sooooo fast. I had tons of sales in Zazzle, almost no sales on Society6 (post to follow) and another months with ZERO sales on Cafepress although they are still producing most items. I just understand the print on demand business 😜 Please sit back and relax forContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in May 2020”

My Zazzle Sales in April 2020

Ok, brace yourself. As sad as this whole corona covid-19 pandemic is – and we don’t even know the end of it yet – the sales on Zazzle are skyrocketing. In case you have no Zazzle account yet or don’t know how to sell more…. design puzzles and cloth face masks. Period… I just hopeContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in April 2020”