I have just opened a shop at Designs by Humans (DBH) this month. They are selling apparel, smartphone cases and art prints. There are two small disadvantages about DBH: Paypal verification for your shop costs $1 You are limited to 60 designs in your shop Apart from that I read from various sellers that theyContinue reading “My Designs on DESIGN BY HÜMANS”

My recent Society6 Sales: February 2015

After the pretty awesome Christmas time with a lot of sales, I had zero sales in January on Society6. That was pretty depressing. In addition, I only had this one sale during February, I really do hope that sales will increase again. I am currently working on promoting my things so that they get addedContinue reading “My recent Society6 Sales: February 2015”

My Recent theKase Sales: January 2015

January 2014 was the first month after the great Christmas sale season and I could still sell 14 cases in total which earned me $19.17. Again, there was one return but that is ok for me. I only sold two of my most popular designs, 12 cases with the first one and the other 2Continue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: January 2015”

My recent Cafepress Sales: February 2015

With February I am back to my usual one sale per month on Cafepress. Christmas shopping has officially ended. Well, let’s see whether it will get better during the next few months. I really do hope so! Vintage Eiffel Tower Playing Cards by stine1 Find more toys & unique gifts at CafePress

My recent Zazzle Sales: January 2015

During January 2015 I was on vacation and did not create many new products. Since Christmas was over my sales decreased but still stayed on a good average level. These are the items I have sold: Zazzle Tag Cloud on white Background Wristwatches by stineshop See more Watches Who would have guessed that I’d everContinue reading “My recent Zazzle Sales: January 2015”