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Cafepress sales are slowwwwwly coming back. I have sold one design in August 2020:

LOVE Sticker (Square)

LOVE Sticker (Square)

Yeah, nothing to report for Society6 or Cafepress – just a big annoying ZERO.

Cafepress has silently added cloth masks and big puzzles to their portfolio, so I have recently created a few with my most popular designs.

Society6 has sales for June and August but not for July. Who knows why…

In case you’d like to see my designs:



I do have a sub-page to this blog with links to all my print on demand webshops and I finally had the time to put all the links together. It’s updated now for your convenience:

Christine aka stine1 - Shop my Designs

Christine aka stine1 – Shop my Designs

My Cafepress Sales in May 2020

Woah, a total surprise to me since I did not see them earlier: I had a few sales on Cafepress in May! None in March and April though!

And for the first time EVER I have created a little video with my sold items and a fancy “Pride Month” layout since May’s Cafepress sales seem to be all about LOVE:


LOVE Puzzle - sold 4 on Cafepress!

LOVE Puzzle – sold 4 on Cafepress!

LOVE Philadelphia Yard Sign

LOVE Philadelphia Yard Sign

LOVE Philadelphia Drawstring Bag

LOVE Philadelphia Drawstring Bag

Drumroll please…. my Cafepress sales in March 2020…. new record…. phew…. ZERO.

Yes, zero sales on Cafepress for me during March 2020.

And since the News & Announcements always look like this:

I can’t even tell whether their printing factories are closed or whatever. Looking at their Facebook page, their business goes on as usual but who knows…. not me….

Anyway, in case you would like to follow me on Cafepress, please check out my public profile with all my designs and products HERE, thanks bunches 👍

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