Design of the Day: Harmonic Equilibrium 11 #AIArt

Out of the blue, out of a series of currently 12 similar portrait designs, I would like to present you lucky number 11. I had created this with NightCafe Studio in late 2022 and love the whole series. I have just started to make it available as NFTs and print on demand products like theContinue reading “Design of the Day: Harmonic Equilibrium 11 #AIArt”

Design of the Day: I can see you… ~ prints @Zazzle @Society6 @Redbubble @TeePublic #Pictorem #nft @OpenSea

Eerie, strange and a bit scary: Portrait in grey hues of a female humanlike figure, its head veiled and blindfolded with an intricate piece of cloth falling apart into golden threads. Is it all just a dream? Digital AI Art by Christine aka stine1 with the help of Stable Diffusion.        

Christine aka stine1’s AI Art is available on #Pictorem now! #AIArt

I recently discovered Pictorem and it seems to be little known among pod sellers, so why not give it a try and test it? Opening a free account is fast and easy, terms seem to be fine and uploading your art is a breeze. I am currently filling my shop with my published AI artContinue reading “Christine aka stine1’s AI Art is available on #Pictorem now! #AIArt”