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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,400 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

This my friends, is probably the biggest mystery about Zazzle: How the hell (please excuse my language) can you encourage Zazzle to sell your products on Amazon?

While Cafepress markets your products openly on Amazon and even Ebay, Zazzle does not answer any questions regarding Amazon. But there are many items on Amazon world-wide that are from Zazzle. They are doing it so secretely, that I only found out about it after googling my shopname “stineshop”. I regularly do this and can only recommend it as you get a variety of websites that are helping to sell your stuff from Zazzle. I love going there and showing some love, e.g. by tweeting their websites or pinning my own products. Sorry, I am a wh*re for social networking *lol*

So anyway, one day I came across one of my Zazzle products on Amazon and almost fell off my chair. Could you believe it? I didn’t – at first. And then I wanted to find out what I have to do to actively add my products to Amazon. In case you don’t know, Amazon is so huge, it is the best thing that can happen to a Zazzle seller since it brings your products to a whole new market.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found out what you have to do to get your Zazzle items included in Amazon’s online shop. But believe, I am working on finding it out! One theory is that they include your most popular designs. But they only do this for a short time. Items you find today might not be available in two weeks. During the last couple of months I had seen several of my products on, and even come and go. Whenever I am selling one particual item twice per week, I can be sure that it is on Amazon. It was the case with my “Hot TEA-cher mug” and my “Santa Monica Pier Green Orange Sparkles Edit Gel Mouse Mat” which I had just sold three times in two weeks before Christmas and all three of them to the UK – it’s listed on 🙂

These are my current products on Amazon:

Santa Monica Beach – Sparkling Pink Photo Edit Clocks

Hei er Lehrer – lustiges Wortspiel des HEISSEN Tassen

Santa Monica Pier Green Orange Sparkles Edit Gel Mouse Mats

Santa Monica Pier Green Orange Sparkles Edit Gel Mouse Mats

The Hobbit part 2 of 3 is in theatres now and just like last year, Zazzle is selling officially licenced merchandising. See some of the products and designs here and have fun shopping 🙂

Did you get Apple’s new iPad Air for Christmas? Perfect, you definitely need a new case to protect it – and of course you also add style to it 🙂

This post will feature DODOcases – one of three possible cases for the iPad Air available on Zazzle.

What Zazzle says about DODOcases:

Style: DODOcase iPad Air Case

Designed to protect your iPad Air and preserve the craft of bookbinding, the DODOcase gives your digital device the timeless look of a hardcover book while providing security and protection. Features include your choice of orange, coral, granite, merlot, skyblue, or black Moroccan cloth exterior, a strength-tested, eco-friendly bamboo tray and a custom interior liner designed by you! A true classic inspired by the artist journals of years gone by, each case is made in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding techniques to ensure a high quality product that looks great for years. Designed for the Apple iPad Air.

  • Designed for Apple iPad Air (does not fit iPad Mini).
  • Select from 5 exterior book cloth options – orange, coral, granite, merlot, skyblue, black
  • Award-winning design features lightweight, eco-friendly bamboo tray.
  • Magnetic auto on/off feature.
  • Crafted using traditional bookbinding techniques.
  • Constructed in San Francisco, CA.
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 7 1/8th” x 5/8″”.

Find Seattle Space Needle travel souvenirs on Zazzle. Here are the most popular items from Zazzle:

A view of the Space Needle and the city of Postcard
A view of the Space Needle and the city of Postcard by danitadelimont
Make your own custom photo postcards on zazzle.

Space Needle World's Fair Seattle Center Post Cards
Space Needle World’s Fair Seattle Center Post Cards by LanternPress
Make postcards from photos online at

Space Needle Sunset Poster
Space Needle Sunset Poster by PeloBlancoPhoto
Find more famous art prints on Zazzle

Space Needle with Christmas Lights Cards
Space Needle with Christmas Lights Cards by OddBible
Create unique personalized photo note cards from

Red Shades Space Needle Placemats
Red Shades Space Needle Placemats by stineshop
See other place mats.

During week 42 I was able to sell 9 items, let’s take a look at them 🙂

Guess what I found on Zazzle’s front page? They are featuring the shop “Iconic Seattle” with photos from Getty Images and it just suits my current obsession (greysession?) as a Fifty Shades fan. Sorry, it’s the truth! In case you haven’t checked out my own new shop category “Fifty Shades of Seattle” yet, what are you waiting for?

Ok, let’s start with Getty Images, here are the most beautiful products with their Seattle photos:

Seattle city watch
Seattle city watch by iconicseattle
Create your own custom Watches at

A beautiful and dramatic sunset seen from West Wristwatch
A beautiful and dramatic sunset seen from West Wristwatch by iconicseattle
Find additional Wristwatches at

Seattle from Kerry Park. Case For iPhone 5C
Seattle from Kerry Park. Case For iPhone 5C by iconicseattle
Find additional iPhone 5/5C cases at Zazzle

After the rather bad week #40, week 41 was a lot better and I had 16 sales on Zazzle:

Hurray, we are entering October! Calendar week 40 was from 30th September to 6th of October and guess what?

I had no sales on Zazzle during the whole week!

I don’t know why and I could not remember that I really had one week without any sales. I did not even have sales that got canceled. Nope, nada, zilch, niente, nichts!

Well… to not waste precious space, did you already have the chance to check out my designs over on Cafepress?

HERE is the link to my public profile where you can see what I offer over there. Cafepress offers products that Zazzle does not have!

And on we go with the next week. I need to blog about it eventually and I am way too behind with it 😦

39th week was an average week with the usual 9 sales:

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