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I just had this idea for a blog post that focusses on one of the fundamental topics of my blog. With all these AI Art images and videos I tend to forget about the original earning with print on demand vibe.
So, who would like to check out my “naughty and nice list” of my print on demand websites? Naughty does mean “no earnings in 2022” and nice will mean “ka-ching” 😍

The following sites do not come in any specific order, it’s not a ranking apart from being on the naughty or nice list. I will not write down detailled earnings, I might give a hint or two and I might even babble a bit about what kind of products or designs sold best.

NAUGHTY LIST – will not get updated until further notice

  1. LeGaleriste
    Ok, this might not be 100% fair since I started with them only a few months ago but to be honest: I had high expectations… and dreams… and hopes…. and zero sales with a shop full of pretty fashion items πŸ˜₯ A little bit of hope is still left and I cross my fingers for some sales in 2023 to push this onto the nice list!
  2. Calvendo
    Calvendo is a German based publisher focussing on calendars with some puzzles and wall art for the best images. A few years ago (pre-covid) I had a few sales per year from my “Caribbean Cruise Ships” calendar but that had stopped in 2020 😣 I had re-discovered their site and have created a few AI Art calendars for 2023 that I do hope will sell in December 2022 and January 2023. If not, Calvendo will probably stay on the naughty list for a few more years…
  3. miPic
    I had not uploaded much and had forgotten about this for over one year (or even longer) and have given them a second chance now with uploading some AI Art images. No sale yet, I will keep you updated.


  1. Society6
    Unsteady earner. I have no idea why but there are many months in a year with no sales at all and then there are a few months where I sell a few things. I have no idea why…
  2. Redbubble
    Redbubble is one of my slowest earners, I never seem to hit a trend and sell anything more than once. Mainly a few stickers here and there… not really worth my time but then I don’t want to stop uploading *sigh*
  3. Zazzle
    One of my favourites, a very steady and rather good earner but I will not get rich with it.
  4. Displate
    Displate is a bit like Redbubble… I am always hoping for sales but I might sell only 3 or 4 a year. They only sell metal posters as far as I know, so there is not much potential for selling a huge variety of products. In 2022, I had received my first payment after I have no idea how many years.
  5. EyeEm
    If you really read my blog post you whould wonder “This is NOT a print on demand website???” but hey, it’s one of my best earners 😁
  6. Amazon Merch on Demand
    Slow but steady and I am still hoping for hitting a trend so that my earnings might skyrocket….
  7. TeePublic
    This one is also a smaller earner and there are months I don’t sell anything but it is slightly better than Redbubble.
  8. VIDA
    Well, in 2020 and 2021 I did earn quite much with textile masks selling like crazy. I had two very popular designs but now the sales are very small. Uploading designs is rather quick though and I do hope that sales will increase soon.
    Another small earner that I had totally forgotten about in the last 2 or 3 months. I have started to upload again to test some AI Art, so please kepp your fingers crossed.

So, how does your naughty and nice list look?


P.S: I was too lazy to check Cafepress for any recent sales. I do believe they should be on the naughty list… have not gotten any payment since I have no idea…

Oh my gosh, I should have seen this coming… 2 (or 3?) years ago I had joined a new print on demand service focussing on wall art: Noir Gallery had many promises and as always I uploaded a few of my photos and digital artwork to test it.

Focussing on just wall art when other pod services also feature a wide array of various products did not seem too risky since they partnered up with e.g. Walmart and Etsy to sell their stuff in many online shops. I think during this “test period” I even managed to sell one piece.

But the truth is, I will never see my money and we will probably never see Noir Gallery back online.

With a recent increase in my activity and productivity I remembered Noir Gallery and intended to upload some more designs to it – but the website I had bookmarked to enter my account was offline. I tried again a few days later and tried the main homepage for customers – everything offline!

So yesterday, I finally managed to find some time to investigate whether this is a bigger problem and yes, looks like it.

The service is completely offline, the Facebook page has been deleted, Twitter account seems to be still online but not updated recently.

I checked online reviews and the ones they received in 2022 where all very negative… like cheap printing quality on thin cardboard.

The server for is not found, emails I tried to send to them bounce back and do not get delivered. I do believe Noir Gallery is as dead as it could be.

If you happen to have any more information or questions, please leave a comment. I am always happy to hear from you, even if it’s just to say hi and hello πŸ™‚

Ever since I had found the first stolen design on the Amazon marketplace, I tried to figure out WHAT makes the Chinese copycats decide what to steal and what to copy.

One might think they copy the most popular designs and most popular products but then you take a look at the following list and none of these on Zazzle have been sold so far…

The first two are a byproduct and massive quick create use and not even that good… I would delete them but I do need them as a proof for Amazon that this is MY creation πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

So here it goes, a list with Zazzle products that I have fought to remove from Amazon:

This Christmas stocking contains template text, the “Add a Name” can be edited. But this only works on Zazzle. Guess what the Amazon copycats are selling? Right, the exact thing you see in this picture!

Better late than never, I did invest a few minutes to set a few goals for my print on demand and stock photo sites – let’s see what I can manage to achieve in 2021:

  • Reach Payment Threshold on Displate ($50)
  • Sell first stock photo via Wirestock (and to write a review about their service!)
  • Sell first piece of furniture on Society6
  • Reach Tier1000 on Amazon Merch (Haha, good joke!)
  • First sale on MiPic, Artpal, FineArtAmerica
  • Win at least two of the three open cases of copyright infringement with my photos via Copytrack (and to write a review about their service!)


Dear Puzzlers,
Dear POD Artists,

You do know I LOVE sharing new print on demand opportunities with you and who on this planet does not love to either solve or sell (I myself hate solving puzzles πŸ˜‚) puzzles? A few days ago I literally stumbled upon the Ravensburger Puzzle World by German puzzle manufacturer Ravensburger – a really renowned company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

They have started their own print on demand service embedded in their community for puzzlers where everyone may upload their own photos and graphics to be either solved online for free by other members or to be printed and shipped within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

At first, I was THRILLED! I mean it’s Ravensburger! It’s huge, it’s THE puzzle company in my area. The puzzles might even be sold in retail, who knows! And they promised an “attractive royalty” which got me hooked right away. Off I was, created a free account and uploaded 5 of my photos to test them. One of the five did not pass their quality test – god knows why. Four had made it and are available.

But on the next day I tried to find out what exactly was their promised “attractive royalty”. At first, I found out it was 5% of the puzzle’s sale price. Ok, that’s a fair amount. But then I dug deeper to look for information on how they would pay me. I mean, bank transfer or Paypal?

The information was hidden really really really deep and I started to wonder… until I found it and what I read was NOT pleasant at all!

You will be paid in points… puzzle points that can be redeemed in their own online shop… for puzzles… ARRGGGHHH! Not exactly what I had expected…

So here I am, with four uploaded photos to test the service and I will probably not upload any more. Unless these four will sell so often that I can get gazillions of free puzzles per year – which is slightly unlikely to ever happen…

At this point I cannot recommend Ravensburger Puzzle World to pod artists / designers for earning money with them. It might be a nice idea to order a puzzle with your own photo to brag that it’s a Ravensburger puzzle… who knows…

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