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I have made it onto the frontpage of Society6 for the very first time. Thank you all for your support with hearting my latest design 🙂

I have made it onto the frontpage of Society6

I have made it onto the frontpage of Society6

The design can be found here:

What a frustrating MONTH on Zazzle.
Both Firefox (latest update) and Internet Explorer crash during Quick Create. Is anyone else having issues with their internet browsers?

I had started a thread in their support forum but this thread and other similar threads only show that many designers seem to have this problem.

I am currently using Google Chrome just for quick create but it is getting slower and slower 😦

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

It’s really interesting to see. Did you know that Pinterest is the site that refers the most visitors to my blog? Awesome 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,700 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Over 1 year ago I had signed up with – one of many print-on-demand websites out there that let you open a shop, upload your designs and sell your products. Within this year, I have uploaded over 100 of my best photos and digital art and guess what? I had ONE sale. Yes, ONE.

Ok, creating products with your designs is pretty easy (once you understand how it is working). You upload your photo and add title, description and tags and are done within a minute. So I had thought this might be a really great site – not much time invested, not much money earned (the royalty is less than with other sites) BUT if products do sell regularly you could still earn a quick buck. But that is not the case with Cowcow and me.

My shop can be found here:

As you can see it is pretty much a mess and I did not find out how to organize it better.

By the way this is my sales report:

Cowcow Sales Report

Cowcow Sales Report

Pretty depressing if you ask me. I an contemplating to not add any more designs to Cowcow. Do you have any experience with this POD website that you would like to share with us?

Mhh… is anyone else slightly annoyed by this new “Double-check your design areas” feature on some cases and envelopes? Ok, we need to check spelling and whether the image is big enough but PLEASE why on our own quick create products? It gets annoying when I have to click “ok” 20 times just because I had to maximize the image 😦

Here are a few screenshots to show you what I mean:

Double-check your design areas

Double-check your design areas

Double-check your design areas

Double-check your design areas

Double-check your design areas

Double-check your design areas

Just because I wanted to change the photo from “fill” to “fit” I had to click “Looks good!” THREE TIMES! Zazzle, please change this.


Starting July 20th (Zazzle only updates pricing due to royalty changes once a month), I will conduct an experiment. My goal is to increase sales and what will I try to achieve this? Well, my current royalty is set to 14.9% (not 15% since then Zazzle deducts 5% of your royalty earnings for fees). During my experiment, I will lower the royalty rate to 5% to the more expensive products on Zazzle, including canvas prints, messenger and laptop bags and things I seem to never sell, e.g. wristlets, wallets, belt buckles and some other stuff. On the other hand, I will increase the royalty on my 10 or 20 most popular items to 30% to see whether this will make them less attractive.

What do you think will happen after July 20?


Hurray, today is a day to celebrate *lol* I have received my first payment from Society6. It’s just $3 for one sold wall clock but I really do like that you do not have to wait for a high amount to accumulate. No matter what you sell, you will receive your payment a few weeks later.

Thank you, Society6!

I was a bit stunned when checking my emails. There was a Paypal notification telling me I have received $9.40 from Printalloverme!

Thank you so much for your printalloverme designs. This is a confirmation of your commissions paid to your paypal account. If you have any questions, let us know! Thanks again TEAM PRINTALLLOVERME Make the Internet Real URL 2 IRL

Wow, thank you! This is the commission for the hat I had sold just last week 🙂 Thank you, PAOM!


Zazzle Blog

Today we’re catching up with Christine Britten, the marketing-savvy creator behind Zazzle store stineshop and the blog Zizzling Zazzle to talk about her store and how her blog and promotional efforts have helped make her a Zazzle success.

Zazzle: Tell us about you! Where are you from?

Christine: Hi, I’m Christine. I’m 31, and I live near Cologne, Germany with my husband. I just love Zazzle!

Zazzle: What is your background in art and design?

Christine: Actually, most of the photographs I use in my Zazzle store are shot by my husband! I’m not very talented with actually taking the photos, but it’s his favorite hobby. I’m more of the editor and product designer. I enjoy looking at his photos and making edits to them, and then using them to create products on Zazzle.

What I absolutely love is online marketing. So, our two hobbies are a great combination. He…

View original post 939 more words

One of them is a bit older and I forgot to post it. But that doesn’t mean I am not happy about it. I love receiving reviews on my products although not all of them are positive and justified but you cannot please everyone, right?

I have received 5 stars from Deb:

“Customized Wall Clock
Reviewed by Deb 12/28/2013
Product Quality: Excellent
Print Quality: Excellent
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Christmas
Shipped on time: Yes
About the product:

I ordered this clock for my daughter and her boyfriend for Christmas. It was just a few days and it arrived. I was delighted that it didn’t take very long. I put best recommended for Christmas because that’s what I bought it for, but it could be for any occasion.
About the print:

I uploaded a picture from facebook, so I wasn’t sure how it would look. When I got the clock and opened it, it was very pretty. It looked exactly like the picture, which I was excited because it was a picture from their cabin up north. I would definatly recommend this. I was glad however, that I ordered the large one, I don’t think the smaller one would have done it justice and it wasn’t “that” big.


And I have received 4 stars from Lara:

“Great Quality”
Reviewed by LaraC 1/24/2014
Product Quality: Good
Print Quality: Excellent
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Myself
Shipped on time: Yes
About the product:

This paper is a great, thick paper and the lines are great for new writers.

About the print:
The lines are printed nicely so they can be used for new writers and the graphic colors are great.

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