2012 in review

Die WordPress.com-Statistik-Elfen fertigten einen Jahresbericht dieses Blogs für das Jahr 2012 an. Hier ist ein Auszug: 600 Personen haben 2012 den Gipfel des Mount Everest erreicht. Dieser Blog hat 2012 über 2.400 Aufrufe bekommen. Hätte jede Person, die den Gipfel des Mount Everest erreicht hat, diesen Blog aufgerufen, würde es 4 Jahre dauern, um soContinue reading “2012 in review”

My Zazzle Sales 2012-12-16 (Mug and iPhone Case)

On December 16th, I have sold two items. On December 16th, I have sold one of my very popular coffee mugs “What would Jesus brew” as seen on the “Simpsons” on TV. And I have sold a Case-Mate case for the iPhone 5 with a royalty-free photo of Mozzarella cheese – a design I neverContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales 2012-12-16 (Mug and iPhone Case)”

My Zazzle Sales 2012-12-15 (Postcard and Adress Labels)

Two sales on December 15th. December 15th was a rather average day on Zazzle. I have sold two items I had already sold before, so nothing really new about it. I have earned $1.25 for one postcard and 5 sheets of address labels: Golden Gate Bridge Return Address Label by stineshop Create unique round customContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales 2012-12-15 (Postcard and Adress Labels)”

My Zazzle Sale 2012-12-14 (White Lined Paper Stationery Design)

One sale on December 14th. On December 14th, I have sold 30 sheets of this white lined paper. Recently, this design has become very popular and I don’t really know why. Am I the only one selling white lined paper for writing letters? Maybe… Anyway, this recent sale has earned me $1.20 in royalty. ThanksContinue reading “My Zazzle Sale 2012-12-14 (White Lined Paper Stationery Design)”

My Zazzle Sales 2012-12-13 New Sales Record with Seven Sales!

Another milestone passed! On December 13th (which was not a Friday *lol) I have sold a total of seven different items on Zazzle which is a new record and milestone for me. I have never sold so much within one day before! The combined royalty earnings are incredible: $23.94 USD!!! Cologne Cathedral – Altar ofContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales 2012-12-13 New Sales Record with Seven Sales!”