My TeePublic Sales in January 2021

I had a few sales and I do notice a pattern… Sales seem to come in 2-3 days after a new upload. Without uploading new images, I don’t get any sales. Mhh… will further test this but all of the following sales listed in this article followed this pattern:

Design of the Day: Golden Gate Bridge colorful Photo Collage

Golden Gate Bridge colorful Photo Collage with different effects added to this popular California landmark in San Francisco. Blue Golden Gate Bridge Photo Collage Postcard by stineshop Find more products with this design on Cafepress here. Find more products with this design on CowCow here.    

My Recent #GrabYourDesign Sales: July 2015

During July 2015, I was able to sell quite a few designs on GrabYourDesign (GYD). Some of them sold more than once and unfortunately, I do not know what kind of product I have sold with my design. It could be any smartphone case, flip flops, mouse pads or whatever they have to offer. SoContinue reading “My Recent #GrabYourDesign Sales: July 2015”

My Recent GrabYourDesign Sales: June 2015

In the beginning of June, I had started to try a new print-on-demand website: GrabYourDesign. I uploaded a few of my most popular designs, was very pleased how easy the design process was and only few days later, the sales began to make me pretty happy. Within one month, I sold enough to am waitingContinue reading “My Recent GrabYourDesign Sales: June 2015”

My recent Zazzle Sales: April 2015

Without further ado, let’s take a look at my 28 Zazzle sales during April 2015: Curaçao Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge at Dusk Refrigerator Magnets by stineshop Create custom refrigerator magnets at Zazzle Visalia California Police Detective Badge SIGG Traveler 0.6L Water Bottle by stineshop Shop here for Water Bottles at Zazzle Golden Gate Bridge PhotoContinue reading “My recent Zazzle Sales: April 2015”