Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤

My friend Lucia does need some TLC over on TeePublic. She has many different designs but is struggling with selling them. I am trying to help her and maybe you could find a minute to visit her store and maybe share one piece of artwork? Thank you very much advance, I will try to returnContinue reading “Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤”

How are you? 🤷‍♀️

Phew… I tried to write a blog post for several days now and beware, this might become one of the most personal blog posts on the entire Zizzling Zazzle blogosphere. But during these times everything is screwed and upside down… topsy turvy… any more good words for the current situation? I mean, who in hisContinue reading “How are you? 🤷‍♀️”

A rare thing happened on #Zazzle

Oh, this is a very special and rare occassion. Things like this do not happen very often… I had another referral sale on Zazzle, meaning I have referred a buyer to Zazzle and have earned a commission of 15% without the actual seller earning less. Crow Magic Mug by WildeWege The bonus about this saleContinue reading “A rare thing happened on #Zazzle”

Zazzle Shop Showcase: MehrFarbeImLeben

“Mehr Farbe im Leben” (“more color in life”) is Claudia’s motto. Her beautiful designs are anything but boring. They are all very colorful. I have created a Polyvore board with some of her products so that you can see some of her work: Polyvore board removed due to Polyvore having been shut down. You canContinue reading “Zazzle Shop Showcase: MehrFarbeImLeben”