Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤

My friend Lucia does need some TLC over on TeePublic. She has many different designs but is struggling with selling them. I am trying to help her and maybe you could find a minute to visit her store and maybe share one piece of artwork? Thank you very much advance, I will try to returnContinue reading “Please help Lucia on #TeePublic ❤❤❤”

Zazzle Shop Showcase: MehrFarbeImLeben

“Mehr Farbe im Leben” (“more color in life”) is Claudia’s motto. Her beautiful designs are anything but boring. They are all very colorful. I have created a Polyvore board with some of her products so that you can see some of her work: Polyvore board removed due to Polyvore having been shut down. You canContinue reading “Zazzle Shop Showcase: MehrFarbeImLeben”

Zazzle Shop Showcase: Dandilyonfluff

Dandilyon Fluff is the daily blog of my online friend and author Angela Yuriko Smith and now she has started to share her ideas on Zazzle. Angela Yuriko Smith is a published author and one of my best online friends. She has recently started her own Zazzle shop I would like to showcase here: YouContinue reading “Zazzle Shop Showcase: Dandilyonfluff”

Zazzle Shop Showcase: Bill M. Tracer Studio

I know Bill from Gather, Mylot and Zazzle. His art deserves some promotion 🙂 Bill is a talented artist with amazing fractal art. He has some positively crazy ideas, you should definitely check out! In this article, I will feature a few of his most beautiful designs you can purchase on Zazzle. Be sure toContinue reading “Zazzle Shop Showcase: Bill M. Tracer Studio”

Zazzle Shop Showcase: Ixodoi_art

Searching for cool shops on Zazzle? Why not check out this one and support a fellow Zazzler 🙂 Ixodoi is a working mum from Israel who has discovered Zazzle this year. I told her about Zazzle and I encouraged her to share her beautiful photos 🙂 If you would like to connect to her, youContinue reading “Zazzle Shop Showcase: Ixodoi_art”