Using #Amazon Wishlist to keep track of Copyright Infringements #stopimagetheft

Copyright infringements and image theft are still a HUGE issue for artists on Amazon and since Amazon keeps to ignore any petitions, please, whatsoever it is still our task (and a very tedious one!) to keep reporting those infringing listings and ASINs. I have used Amazon’s mobile app to scan my photos and found manyContinue reading “Using #Amazon Wishlist to keep track of Copyright Infringements #stopimagetheft”

I have to invest more of my Time into #Zazzle but where to start?

Zazzle used to be my most successful print on demand store with monthly royalty payments I could count on. But for the last 2 or 3 years with templates for mass creation of new products not working, I did not spend much time creating new products. I did create a few posters with very fewContinue reading “I have to invest more of my Time into #Zazzle but where to start?”

My Amazon Merch Sales during September 2018

September 2018 brought me two more sales in my young Amazon Merch adventure which made me very proud 🙂     The PopSocket was my first to sell on and made me very proud. The Rainy Day in NYC artwork is one of my bestsellers throughout all print on demand websites. Do you haveContinue reading “My Amazon Merch Sales during September 2018”

Most interesting Search Terms that referred People to

I just have to share my all-time funniest and most interesting search terms and phrases that referred people to my blog at Some of them are weird like “Why did THIS search term lead them to MY website?” and some are valid and interesting questions I might have an answer to. Anyway, please enjoy:Continue reading “Most interesting Search Terms that referred People to”

My #EyeEm Sales for January 2019

Ok, “saleS” is a bit too much since I only had ONE sale on EyeEm but it was a small sale on Getty Images which tend to make me feel rather proud about it. Why? Due to the HUGE competition on Getty Images, that’s why 🙂 And I have sold a photo which I hadContinue reading “My #EyeEm Sales for January 2019”