Zazzle Issue: Quick Create keeps crashing my Browers

What a frustrating MONTH on Zazzle. Both Firefox (latest update) and Internet Explorer crash during Quick Create. Is anyone else having issues with their internet browsers? I had started a thread in their support forum but this thread and other similar threads only show that many designers seem to have this problem. I am currentlyContinue reading “Zazzle Issue: Quick Create keeps crashing my Browers”

My Society6 Mugs came as a Puzzle (Customer Review)

In December 2014 (six weeks ago) I had ordered four coffee mugs from Society6. They were running the usual Christmas promotions and I could get four mugs for the price of three. Still pretty expensive for photo mugs that you could also get in offline shops around every corner or online in a gazillion otherContinue reading “My Society6 Mugs came as a Puzzle (Customer Review)”

My recent Zazzle Sales: November 2014

While October had almost 40 sales, November had almost 60. Let’s take a look at them 🙂 Telephone Booth / Public Payphone Puzzle by stineshop View more Puzzles at Zazzle Metal Canada Coat of Arms Key Chain by stineshop Browse another Keychain at Hot Teacher – HOT TEA-cher funny pun Mug by stineshop ViewContinue reading “My recent Zazzle Sales: November 2014”

My Recent theKase Sales: December 2014

December 2014 has been a very successful month over on theKase with a huge variety of designs being sold. I also had three returns which I hope are not due to my designs. I have heard/read that the print quality in the shops is not always the best. Anyway here is an overview of whatContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: December 2014”

My recent Zazzle Sales: October 2014

May I present: The first of three pretty crazy Christmas months on Zazzle. My first Christmas with a royalty rate of 30% and let me put it this way: It was worth it! I did not earn less, I did earn a LOT more than the years before ^^ Let’s see what I was sellingContinue reading “My recent Zazzle Sales: October 2014”