Zazzle Issue: Quick Create keeps crashing my Browers

What a frustrating MONTH on Zazzle.
Both Firefox (latest update) and Internet Explorer crash during Quick Create. Is anyone else having issues with their internet browsers?

I had started a thread in their support forum but this thread and other similar threads only show that many designers seem to have this problem.

I am currently using Google Chrome just for quick create but it is getting slower and slower 😦


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2 thoughts on “Zazzle Issue: Quick Create keeps crashing my Browers

  1. It’s always been a struggle for me on Quick Create, no matter which browser. I’ve never got to the end before the scripts stop working and I can no longer adjust the details in order to publish so I have to hide and publish which just makes even more work. The whole thing could be so much better in so many ways!


  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Yesterday it took me two hours to get through 37 of 100 products and I just gave up. I will take a break from designing products on Zazzle until this is resolved. I have so much to do on other sites like Cafepress 🙂


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