My EyeEm Sales in April 2020 📷 #EyeEm

Oopsie, I totally forgot my ONE sale of a stock photo through EyeEm that I had in April 2020. So, taadaa…. may I present, the white stag:

My Spreadshirt Sales in April 2020

Can’t believe my luck, I really had some sales on Spreadshirt (on both US/International and Germany/Europe marketplaces) during April – and there will be a post about May sales as well! I did not upload many designs on their platforms since they are extremely specific about what they are looking for and most of myContinue reading “My Spreadshirt Sales in April 2020”

Cloth face mask test order from #Redbubble ðŸ¥‚🎁

Yay, I have ordered 4 cloth face masks from Redbubble to try and test them. The cut of the cloth does not look very convenient, I am excited to really see them live and put them on. I did buy 4 because you do get 20% off when you buy four or more face masks.Continue reading “Cloth face mask test order from #Redbubble ðŸ¥‚🎁”

Scenic Nature themed Cloth Face Masks from Zazzle

Zazzle is slowly activating my cloth face mask designs and I am starting to arrange them in collections according to their main topic(s) and theme(s). The first one I’d like to share with you is everything nature related. Be it scenic landscape photos or cute animals. There is even some digital artwork among the manyContinue reading “Scenic Nature themed Cloth Face Masks from Zazzle”

My Amazon Merch Sales in April 2020

During April 2020, Amazon had halted all merch sales for the US marketplace. Only the UK marketplace and the German DE Marketplace where still selling and printing their products. Therefore, sales decreased drastically. They have just started to get back on track a few days ago and activate US products at a slow pace. MyContinue reading “My Amazon Merch Sales in April 2020”