My #EyeEm Sales in February 2021

I have no idea what is going on with EyeEm but February 2021 has been my best month ever selling 9 photos with one big sale of over $30 for one photo license! I am thankful and over the moon, more of this please 💐💐💐

Hey, that’s my Pic: BBC Serbia

Ha, you might remember this happy post from earlier this month: My EyeEm Sales in November 2020 and guess what?  Copytrack has found the sold vintage Sauerland photo on BBC Serbia! We do feel honored! My husband thought I was crazy for uploading those old photos from the 1950s to EyeEm / Getty Images. MUHAHAHAAAAAA 😜😜😜Continue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: BBC Serbia”

Hey, that’s my Pic: Celebrity Cruises (Kralendijk, Bonaire)

Aaaaand another legally purchased stock photo that is adorning a rather reputable website – it makes me really proud that Celebrity Cruises have picked one of our Caribbean cruise vacation photos for their website: You can check out the original stock photo here:

Hey, that’s my Pic: Yahoo Finance News (Angers)

I have just read an interesting blog post from a stock photographer who randomly shares websites that have bought his photos and are displaying them within a news article or alike. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I would love to do this aswell with my stock photos 🙂 The latest find isContinue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: Yahoo Finance News (Angers)”

My EyeEm Sales in May 2020

I have sold one photo again – directly on EyeEm without Getty or any other agency involved. This time I have sold a photo of my daughter unwrapping birthday presents.