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I have no idea what is going on with EyeEm but February 2021 has been my best month ever selling 9 photos with one big sale of over $30 for one photo license!

I am thankful and over the moon, more of this please 💐💐💐

EyeEm Earnings February 2021

EyeEm Earnings February 2021

Early post about January earnings because there will probably not be any more earning news coming in the next two days.

EyeEm will change their earning structure in February and we will probably earn less. The three sales I had in January are also quite… “funny”.

EyeEm Earnings January 2021

EyeEm Earnings January 2021 – click on the screenshot to get to my EyeEm profile

“Web License” is a sale directly on EyeEm as far as I know. The amount is ok for a floral photo.

The Partner License from Getty Images is a joke. My husband already said he does not understand why I want our photos to be sold on Getty. And to be honest, I don’t know anymore either…

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