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Triond is a great site that let’s you blog for free and does even pay you for it!

On Triond, you can write informative articles and blog about topics you enjoy. I am blogging about my adventure on Zazzle for over a year. I mostly post my weekly sales or recommend special product lines (e.g. Halloween related products or the most beautiful iPhone 5 Cases). Triond is easy to use and they publish your content on over 10 of their network sites according to the topic you write about to ensure targetted audience.

Here are a few examples of what I am publishing on Triond:

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As you can see, I blog about a variety of Zazzle related topics and share some advice for other Zazzlers.

And the best part is that you can earn money by writing! Triond does pay you. Although it is just peanuts (a few cents per article), it adds up and I receive a payment of about $1 a month. That’s $12 per year for advertising my Zazzle store for free. Pretty cool, huh?


Zazzle now sells custom sandals or flip flops. These have already been a hit on Zazzle’s main competitor Cafepress and are finally available on Zazzle now. Custom sandals or flip flops are a great way of adding fun to your vacation or trip to the beach.

Check out these popular new sandals:

Seashells on sandy Caribbean beach close-up Flip Flops
Seashells on sandy Caribbean beach close-up Flip Flops by stineshop
View additional Flip Flops at Zazzle

Color Harmony Abstract Art Flip-Flops
Color Harmony Abstract Art Flip-Flops by OniArts
See more Flip Flop Footwear at


Wood background flowers girly floral pattern flip flops
Wood background flowers girly floral pattern flip flops by iBella
Check out more Flip Flops at Zazzle

The Sandalei Women’s Sandals feature a custom printed rubber sponge footbed and a comfortable, flexible toe strap. Custom print the footbed with your photos, art, and text. Choose from black or white toe strap colors and black or white footbed colors. Women’s sizes 4 to 11.5 (US).

They are also available as men’s versions in bigger sizes. Get them now 🙂

I managed to sell 4 items and I also had 3 referral sales which earned me 15% royalty and about $7. Combined with about $5.60 from direct sales, I’d say that $12.60 is a good total earning for just one week, don’t you think? Contrary to last year’s summer, I cannot complain about decreasing sales. The main reason might be that I have designed a lot of new products this year (so far) and am promoting them online even more than I did last year. Pinterest (used through Reachli) and Wanelo are the best social websites/networks you can market your products at.

Ok, here are the 4 products I have sold during that week:

Santa Monica Pier - Grey Sparkles Photo Edit Post Card
Santa Monica Pier – Grey Sparkles Photo Edit Post Card by stineshop
Create unique personalized photo postcards at

Hundertwasser - Green Citadel of Magdeburg Post Card
Hundertwasser – Green Citadel of Magdeburg Post Card by stineshop
Browse for more postcards from

I had found a very interesting search term for my blog and thought I’d give it a try. It might be true that buying products from Zazzle seems to be expensive. Of course, their prices for “smaller” gifts like mouse pads, fridge magnets or t-shirts are competitive. But I always gulp when I see the prices for their beautiful messenger or laptop bags. You could easily spend over $100 for one bag depending on the size and to be honest, that does seem too expensive.

But is it really too expensive? Zazzle is a company with the intention to make a profit. No surprise, right? Products that are not available on competitive sites like Cafepress are of course sold at a higher price. You know, the niche thing. Have you already heard the term “cash cow“? If not, I recommend googling it.

And not to forget, the quality of these items is outstanding. Many items (e.g. the pillows) are made in the USA and not made in China. This definitely is one major advantage.

If you still think that Zazzle is too expensive, you might have missed all their great deals and coupon codes. Although the latest coupon code gets shown on their website, there is one page where you can see all currently active coupon codes at once:

Here is a screenshot of some of the currently running special offers:

Zazzle Special Offers

Zazzle Special Offers

They usually include a 10% to 30% discount on selected items! So if you do not need to order a product NOW, it definitely pays to wait a few days or even weeks, you can save up to 30%!

Do you still think that Zazzle is too expensive? 🙂


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Yay, I am pretty proud of my latest review as it is the best I have received so far 🙂


I have received 5 out of possible 5 stars:


Reviewed by Jules 7/31/2013
Product Quality: Excellent
Print Quality: Excellent
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Myself
Shipped on time: Yes
About the product:

I chose this magnet for the in/out board at my work and to remember my trip to LA. I liked the picture of the pier and the colors used. It reminded me of my first trip there.

About the print:
I was very pleased with the size and quality of the picture. The picture was better than I thought it would be.


Thank you so much, Jules!

I have checked my Zazzle shop @ on Google and there are some interesting facts regarding SEO I would like to share with you.

I came across, which analyzes websites and I am pretty pleased with the results I got for my Zazzle shop

Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate what knows about my domain:

Rating of according to Webutation.net1shop rating

Rating of according to rating

Apparently, my reputation (or “webutation”) is 100% positive. Ok, the first comment was written by little me as some kind of shameless self-promotion but who cares? *lol* I am really happy that my domain is viewed as a safe website to visit with no known problems or issues. even features a “social buzz” that shows how my website is listed in social networks and online in general:

Social Buzz of according to

Social Buzz of according to

Isn’t this cool? I totally recommend anyone with a domain name to check their website. You get so much information about it!

I’d love to read your experiences with in the comments, please share. Thanks 🙂

Spooky Halloween Gifts

Looking for spooky and/or funny Halloween gifts? Then why not check out the vast amount of suitable designs on Zazzle? With billions of products, Zazzle is one of the biggest marketplaces around and these are my personal top 10 list of Halloween themed gift ideas:

Scooby Doo Ruh-Roh T Shirt
Scooby Doo Ruh-Roh T Shirt by scoobydoo
Make cheap t-shirts at

Jack Skellington 9 Mug
Jack Skellington 9 Mug by disney
Customize mug designs at Zazzle

Happy Halloween Scrapbook Style Greeting Card
Happy Halloween Scrapbook Style Greeting Card by mariannegilliand
Look at more cards from Zazzle.

Trick or Treat Canvas Bag
Trick or Treat Canvas Bag by harcordvalleyranch
Make unique personalized canvas tote bags at Zazzle

Trick or Treat!

During the 23rd calendar week of 2013 (June 3rd to 9th) I had 5 succesful sales. Two additional sales got cancelled and during that week a payment was issued:

€100.36 is about $130.00 🙂 I do not earn that much every month, I get a payment every other month since my payment threshold is set to €52 or more. Pretty nice, huh?

Here are the items I was able to sell through Zazzle during this week:

Painted Ladies in San Francisco (Tilt & Shift) Square Wallclocks
Painted Ladies in San Francisco (Tilt & Shift) Square Wallclocks by stineshop
Check out another Wall Clock at Zazzle

This wall clock is one of my many products where I had thought that no one would ever want them. But they sell!

The 22nd calendar week of 2013 (May 27th to June 1st) was a good week with not many sales.

At first sight it does look depressing with only three sales and no referral sales. But one of these sales was a canvas print which earned me a bit over $9! And I received a volume bonus of about $13 for April 2013!

Here are the three sales for that week:

This photo was shot a bit over 3 years ago at the Grand Canyon in the USA. It is pretty unique, don’t you think?

This bumper sticker says “Amelie on tour” in the regional dialect of Cologne and is pretty popular.