Advertise your Zazzle Shop by Blogging about it on Triond!

Triond is a great site that let’s you blog for free and does even pay you for it! On Triond, you can write informative articles and blog about topics you enjoy. I am blogging about my adventure on Zazzle for over a year. I mostly post my weekly sales or recommend special product lines (e.g.Continue reading “Advertise your Zazzle Shop by Blogging about it on Triond!”

New Products Available on Zazzle: Custom Sandals

Zazzle now sells custom sandals or flip flops. These have already been a hit on Zazzle’s main competitor Cafepress and are finally available on Zazzle now. Custom sandals or flip flops are a great way of adding fun to your vacation or trip to the beach. Check out these popular new sandals: Seashells on sandyContinue reading “New Products Available on Zazzle: Custom Sandals”

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 24)

I managed to sell 4 items and I also had 3 referral sales which earned me 15% royalty and about $7. Combined with about $5.60 from direct sales, I’d say that $12.60 is a good total earning for just one week, don’t you think? Contrary to last year’s summer, I cannot complain about decreasing sales.Continue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 24)”

Is Zazzle Too Expensive?

I had found a very interesting search term for my blog and thought I’d give it a try. It might be true that buying products from Zazzle seems to be expensive. Of course, their prices for “smaller” gifts like mouse pads, fridge magnets or t-shirts are competitive. But I always gulp when I see theContinue reading “Is Zazzle Too Expensive?”

I have received my 4th Review on

Yay, I am pretty proud of my latest review as it is the best I have received so far 🙂   I have received 5 out of possible 5 stars:   “Santa Monica Pier“ Reviewed by Jules 7/31/2013 Product Quality: Excellent Print Quality: Excellent Recommended: Yes Recommended for: Myself Shipped on time: Yes About theContinue reading “I have received my 4th Review on”