My EyeEm Sales in May 2019

In May 2019 I had three sales on EyeEm through Getty Images. I only earned a few cents though, no big hit.   Both photos are rather average and not outstanding memories from our Caribbean cruise a few years ago. But it seems that these unusual views are what customers are buying. Not the dreamContinue reading “My EyeEm Sales in May 2019”

My Amazon UK Sales in April and May 2019

Amazon Merch UK does not really work out well for me ever since that one Doctor Who related fangirl t-shirt has become outdated. In two months, I have only sold one t-shirt alone. Since I do have the new multi uploader, I will continue to create t-shirts for the UK but I am not expectingContinue reading “My Amazon UK Sales in April and May 2019”

My Zazzle Sales in May 2019

16 sales with 2 cancellations. 14 sales are better than nothing for May 2019, since May seems to always be a slower month. Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty NYC Card Lamb Borghini funny Sheep Pun Bumper Sticker by stineshop Scenic Yosemite National Park Neck Tie Sphinx and Pyramid in Egypt Table Number Santa Monica BeachContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in May 2019”