My Amazon Merch Sales in November 2020

Amazon Merch is slowly picking up pace after a complete halt during the Corona spring and summer. I have sold a total of six items (including France and Spain!) and hope there will be no return:      

My Amazon Merch Sales in April 2020

During April 2020, Amazon had halted all merch sales for the US marketplace. Only the UK marketplace and the German DE Marketplace where still selling and printing their products. Therefore, sales decreased drastically. They have just started to get back on track a few days ago and activate US products at a slow pace. MyContinue reading “My Amazon Merch Sales in April 2020”

My Amazon UK Sales in April and May 2019

Amazon Merch UK does not really work out well for me ever since that one Doctor Who related fangirl t-shirt has become outdated. In two months, I have only sold one t-shirt alone. Since I do have the new multi uploader, I will continue to create t-shirts for the UK but I am not expectingContinue reading “My Amazon UK Sales in April and May 2019”