My TeePublic Sales in July 2020

Oh my gosh, it was such a GREAT idea to finally upload something into my newly created TeePublic account! I have sold a few items already, I do recommend them for any print on demand designer!

My VIDA Sales in July 2020

July 2020 has been very successful for me on Vida and I cannot stop to recommend this print on demand website to you. I have sold several cloth face masks, the notification emails seemed to never stop *lol* The first two items I have sold several times over the whole month: The following item isContinue reading “My VIDA Sales in July 2020”

Christine aka stine1 on Noir Gallery

Yay, I have found another new (at least for me) print on demand website where you can upload your designs and photos and they sell products not only on their own website but also on some others. I have yet to find out where exactly, it’s all rather vague. Anyway, the first pieces are upContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 on Noir Gallery”

My Amazon Merch Sales in April 2020

During April 2020, Amazon had halted all merch sales for the US marketplace. Only the UK marketplace and the German DE Marketplace where still selling and printing their products. Therefore, sales decreased drastically. They have just started to get back on track a few days ago and activate US products at a slow pace. MyContinue reading “My Amazon Merch Sales in April 2020”