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Isla Saona is a perfect example of a paradisic Caribbean island. Part of the Dominican Republic, it features a white sandy beach and blue waters from the Caribbean Sea. It is a breathtaking getaway and popular for day trips while on a Caribbean Cruise. Its palm trees touch the clouds and your heart.

We have been there ourselves and indulged in this tropical paradise. I have used a lot of awesome photos for creating travel souvenirs on print on demand websites and the latest addition are Isla Saona T-Shirts on

Isla Saona T-Shirts

Isla Saona T-Shirts on by Christine aka stine1

Have you ever been to the Caribbean?


Having been accepted to Amazon Merch to sell t-shirt designs on Amazon’s own Marketplace has been pretty challenging for me since I do not consider myself a designer and have no skills in software. Even GIMP is too complicated for me, Photoshop is something I will never even begin to grasp.

But for Amazon Merch and the biggest marketplace in the western world, you NEED png files with 4500 x 5400 px or else they will not even upload your graphics. What to do? I tried to find something as easy as possible to create designs in no time with my photos and I also wanted to find something that lets me add text to it since typography is a huge trend you should not miss.

I love Summer T-Shirt by Christine aka stine1 - image created with

I love Summer T-Shirt by Christine aka stine1 – image created with

That’s where I came across which seems to fulfill all my needs: You can add funny stickers, a transparent background or any image/photo you want plus great fonts to add stylish text. There is a very comprehensive free version of it that is everything you need in the beginning.

I am thinking about compiling an ebook about how to effectively use Fotor’s service to create t-shirts for Amazon Merch, would that be of interest to you?

Please let me know, I am still undecided 🙂

May I present: My first design that it sold exclusively on Amazon Marketplace as of today:

Golden Seattle Skyline T-Shirt by Christine aka stine1

Golden Seattle Skyline T-Shirt by Christine aka stine1 on

Golden Seattle Skyline T-Shirt by Christine aka stine1 on

I have not yet uploaded this colorful design to any other print on demand website, so it will stay exclusive for a little while. It features Seattle Skyline digital art with golden and red hues, featuring the famous Space Needle and Downtown skyscapers of Washington’s popular city.

A few years ago – I can’t even remember when – I requested an invitation for Amazon Merch. Back then, it was every POD designer’s dream to directly upload designs to Amazon and sell t-shirts through the vast Amazon Marketplace. It was way before copycats nagged us with constantly ripping off our work.

Anyway, I had requested an invitation which never got granted. So a few weeks ago I stumbled across it once more and signed up. A few days later they welcomed me and asked me about my tax information. Lucky me had requested an ITIN years ago to avoid tax reduction on Smashwords and therefore, my w8ben forms are very easy to fill out.

When I logged in I was eager to upload all my work but… arrgh, they only accept PNG format with dimensions of EXACTLY 4500 x 5400 pixels *sigh* That means I have to cut my digital art, hope it still looks good and convert it to PNG format. Not a thing to do in 2 minutes. But I accepted the challenge and do have the first uploads running for review 🙂

I’d really apprechiate you checking out my “brand” Christine aka stine1 on and leave a comment or two. Or maybe you like it enough to even share? Who knows, please let me know and I will repay the favor *thumbs up*


In the future, you can expect some tips and tricks regarding Amazon Merch and the Marketplace, not only about copyright infringements and how to fight them. So stay tuned!

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