Let’s check my Naughty and Nice List for POD Earnings in 2022 😁✨❤

I just had this idea for a blog post that focusses on one of the fundamental topics of my blog. With all these AI Art images and videos I tend to forget about the original earning with print on demand vibe. So, who would like to check out my “naughty and nice list” of myContinue reading “Let’s check my Naughty and Nice List for POD Earnings in 2022 😁✨❤”

Design of the Day: Cosmic Coffee Cup ☕✨🌌 #AIArt

Enjoy this cosmic coffee or tea – the mug is floating in outer space with the coffee/tea being a swirling galaxy of stars. Unique digital artwork by Christine aka stine1 and Artificial Intelligence. Perfect fit for any kitchen or would it better fit into your office while you sip on your hot drink? Cosmic CoffeeContinue reading “Design of the Day: Cosmic Coffee Cup ☕✨🌌 #AIArt”

My Goals for 2021

Better late than never, I did invest a few minutes to set a few goals for my print on demand and stock photo sites – let’s see what I can manage to achieve in 2021: Reach Payment Threshold on Displate ($50) Sell first stock photo via Wirestock (and to write a review about their service!)Continue reading “My Goals for 2021”

Christine aka stine1 on MiPic

And the second new print on demand website I have found this month is MiPic. It’s a British service, let’s see how they will cope with Brexit 😉 What I like about them is the really nice social sharing possibilities. I have uploaded a few designs and am waiting for the first sale now. IContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 on MiPic”