The last Day of April 2020…

Today is the last day of April 2020 – what will May bring? I am anxious to check my sales on various print on demand websites. I am anxious to find out what covid-19 will bring us in May 2020. When will Godzilla or aliens arrive? It’s just so fu**ing surreal at the moment… IContinue reading “The last Day of April 2020…”

Testing Society6 promotion tactics on Redbubble

After my increasing sales on Society6 due to exchanging hearts / promotions like crazy, April 2020 ist slapping me into my face. The sales have crashed…. and like everytime this had happened before I have NO idea why. So, what am I going to to about it? I will try the tactics on Redbubble! TheyContinue reading “Testing Society6 promotion tactics on Redbubble”

Old Zazzle Products I can’t believe I have sold…

Yeah, let’s have some fun. While creating one face mask after the other on Zazzle, I came across many very old designs and products I had created on Zazzle what feels like AGES ago. During my first Zazzle years I did not know what I do know now about product descriptions, design placement and keywordsContinue reading “Old Zazzle Products I can’t believe I have sold…”

30% Off Outdoor + Lifestyle / 25% Off Everything Else on #Society6

Society6 is having one great money saving rebate thingy after the other, this time they offer a huge rebate on the whole Outdoor and Lifesyle department which includes sun shades, sling chairs, picnic blankets and beach towels – which honestly none of us really needs at the moment. BUT this also includes highly popular YOGAContinue reading “30% Off Outdoor + Lifestyle / 25% Off Everything Else on #Society6”

How are you? 🤷‍♀️

Phew… I tried to write a blog post for several days now and beware, this might become one of the most personal blog posts on the entire Zizzling Zazzle blogosphere. But during these times everything is screwed and upside down… topsy turvy… any more good words for the current situation? I mean, who in hisContinue reading “How are you? 🤷‍♀️”