Testing Society6 promotion tactics on Redbubble

After my increasing sales on Society6 due to exchanging hearts / promotions like crazy, April 2020 ist slapping me into my face. The sales have crashed…. and like everytime this had happened before I have NO idea why.

So, what am I going to to about it? I will try the tactics on Redbubble! They also have hearts to click, favorites to add to lists and artist profiles to follow. I have become a member of an active Facebook group exchanging hearts. Let’s see where this will take me in May.

Do you have any ideas to promote Society6 or Redbubble products that are not well known yet? Anything you might like to add?


Published by Christine aka stine1

Owner of http://www.stine1.info

2 thoughts on “Testing Society6 promotion tactics on Redbubble

  1. So far I have posted products on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, my own website, and opt-in email lists. Sadly, I haven’t seen results from any of those yet.😒 Have you seen any info on when Amazon might resume the t-shirt business?


  2. No, I have not heard anything from Amazon Merch but I did sell 3 t-shirts in Germany this month. German and UK Merch are still working.


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