The last Day of April 2020…

Today is the last day of April 2020 – what will May bring?

I am anxious to check my sales on various print on demand websites. I am anxious to find out what covid-19 will bring us in May 2020. When will Godzilla or aliens arrive? It’s just so fu**ing surreal at the moment…

I am still working from home. No one is allowed to go to the office without a really important reason, so we stay at home. Luckily, I do still have a job! And what a job it is…. a new position and I am right in the middle of a probabition period to see whether we get along. I think we do, I just hope my boss thinks the same!

I have created cloth face masks and puzzle games on Zazzle like crazy, so in case you’d like to check them out, please do so here:

Unique Face Masks
Unique Face Masks

Face masks on Zazzle currently need 6 business days for approval… phew…. I have over 100 in the queue 😁

Edit: Redbubble has activated the face masks aswell and they cost less than the Zazzle version. Please find mine here.


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