Full Disclosure: How to sell more on Society6 🐱‍🏍

I finally have the proof how to skyrocket your sales on Society6 and it’s the theory I have been testing on and off for quite some time. Actually, I tried to do this since I had started with Society6 back in 2014. Are you ready for this unveiling? Are you ready to invest a fewContinue reading “Full Disclosure: How to sell more on Society6 🐱‍🏍”

How to sell more on Society6 🔮

Can you see the crystal ball 🔮? Let’s take a journey together to have a look into it. Let’s crack the code on how to increase your sales on Society6. But be warned: I might enlighten you a bit, but I cannot promise that it will work for you as it does for me. AndContinue reading “How to sell more on Society6 🔮”

How to apply for Amazon Merch

Are you curious to know how to apply for an account for Amazon Merch and design and sell t-shirts directly on Amazon’s Marketplace? If not, you definitely should be. It is one of the biggest markets in the world, a vast online shop where many customers are buying. If you are unsure about how toContinue reading “How to apply for Amazon Merch”

Using #Amazon Wishlist to keep track of Copyright Infringements #stopimagetheft

Copyright infringements and image theft are still a HUGE issue for artists on Amazon and since Amazon keeps to ignore any petitions, please, whatsoever it is still our task (and a very tedious one!) to keep reporting those infringing listings and ASINs. I have used Amazon’s mobile app to scan my photos and found manyContinue reading “Using #Amazon Wishlist to keep track of Copyright Infringements #stopimagetheft”

Eigene Vorlagen für die Schnellerstellung bei Zazzle erstellen

Sorry, I only wrote this manual in German but if you follow the links I have included, you will get to English guides explaining how to create your own templates for quick create on Zazzle. Wozu ist das gut? Man kann damit ALLE auf Zazzle erstellbaren Produkte abdecken und ist nicht auf die limitiert, dieContinue reading “Eigene Vorlagen für die Schnellerstellung bei Zazzle erstellen”