Using #Amazon Wishlist to keep track of Copyright Infringements #stopimagetheft

Copyright infringements and image theft are still a HUGE issue for artists on Amazon and since Amazon keeps to ignore any petitions, please, whatsoever it is still our task (and a very tedious one!) to keep reporting those infringing listings and ASINs.

I have used Amazon’s mobile app to scan my photos and found many infringements. Some I may not have found by just looking for my titles and search phrases. But how to report those infringements? I have used my Amazon wishlist to pin them all onto one wishlist to keep track of them. Very handy and easy to use from my smartphone and various laptops. I can also see at a glance which ones are still availble and online and which items have already been removed without checking my emails.

If you’d like to check out my public wishlist for #stopimagetheft, please feel free to do so.


Update after two hours – all ASINs are reported and some have already been removed 🙂

Submitted Allegation of Infringement


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One thought on “Using #Amazon Wishlist to keep track of Copyright Infringements #stopimagetheft

  1. Hello There,

    I thank you for taking a stand against Imagetheft. It’s a shame that folks gotta steal other people’s work! I pray that it stops!

    I respect my work and myself enough to promote others on here and other sites. If I promote other Artists, it will open up the channel for Networking. We all have strengths and weakness. Let’s stop the theft and work together!

    I will check out your sites and thanks for the follow!

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