My recent Zazzle Sales: July 2014

To be honest, I had dreaded July 2014. I had increased my royalty to 30% to most of my products and feared I might sell less. Guess what? That was not the case! It was such a good month that I took a huge step forward and set the royalty to ALL products to 30%Continue reading “My recent Zazzle Sales: July 2014”

Floral iPhone 6 Cases from Zazzle

Zazzle’s Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 6 Cases are also available for the iPhone 6 Plus and in “Tough” versions that are more resistant. Here is a selection of my floral designs for your new smartphone: Yellow Flower Bud Barely There iPhone 6 Plus Case by stineshop Find other Yellow Casemate Cases at Red andContinue reading “Floral iPhone 6 Cases from Zazzle”

My Recent theKase Sales: August 2014

August 2014 was a fabulous month. I have sold a lot on Zazzle and I have sold so many cases on theKase, it was scary *lol* By clicking on the screenshot, you will be directed to my profile page on theKase where you can see all my case designs. As you can see, my IslaContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: August 2014”

Buy Souvenirs from Seattle online

Looking for travel souvenirs for Seattle, Washington that you can order online? Ordering souvenirs online saves your time and in most cases money. And you can take your time deciding on what you want to buy. No more boring browsing of regular gift shops in Seattle when you can spend that precious time in theContinue reading “Buy Souvenirs from Seattle online”

Colorful Skins for your Playstation

Nuvango does not only offer skins and cases for smartphones, they also feature skins for various Playstation models: PS4, PS Vita, PS3 and PS3 Slim, Sony PSP and Sony PSP Go. Give your Sony Playstation a fresh new look. Our Playstation skins offer ultra-thin scratch protection, and they’re easy to apply and remove, but mostContinue reading “Colorful Skins for your Playstation”