My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 36)

Calendar week 36 (September 2nd to September 8th) was an interesting or rather frustrating week. I had 14 sales in total but 5 of them were cancelled. What a pity! The good thing is though that I got another payment from Zazzle of over €50. Let’s take a look at the successful sales during thatContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 36)”

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 35)

35th calendar week of 2013 was another average week full of sales on Zazzle for me, myself and I 🙂 I was able to sell 4 products. Not much but none of them got cancelled and they are all green (paid). Perfect! Here are the four products I have managed to sell: Greetings from theContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 35)”

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 34)

Yes, it’s been quite a while since the last post but I had been terribly busy. Let’s take a look at calendar week 34, August 19th to 25th. During that particular week, I had eight sales: Isla Saona – Palm Tree at the Beach Wall Clock by stineshop View other Wall Clocks online at zazzle.comContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 34)”

How to Use Twitter The Right Way!

This post is not only useful for Zazzle sellers, it does also apply for Cafepress, Etsy, Ebay or any other website or product you want to promote. Most Twitter members make one simple but huge fault: They join Twitter, tweet some messages and are crushed that their “promotion” does not have any effect. If thisContinue reading “How to Use Twitter The Right Way!”