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Calendar week 36 (September 2nd to September 8th) was an interesting or rather frustrating week. I had 14 sales in total but 5 of them were cancelled. What a pity! The good thing is though that I got another payment from Zazzle of over €50.

Let’s take a look at the successful sales during that week:

I am not 100% sure but I think that this was my first ever sold laptop computer sleeve!

Santa Monica Pier - Grey Sparkles Photo Edit Post Card
Santa Monica Pier – Grey Sparkles Photo Edit Post Card by stineshop
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This is definitely among my top 10 best-selling products! It only earns a few cents though 😦

Santa Monica Pier Sparkling Pink Photo Edit Posters
Santa Monica Pier Sparkling Pink Photo Edit Posters by stineshop
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This pretty poster has also become rather popular this year.

Greetings from the Baths, British Virgin Islands Postcards
Greetings from the Baths, British Virgin Islands Postcards by stineshop
color post card printing from

This postcard with a collage of the British Virgin Islands is also one of my top sellers.

White lined Paper Stationery Design
White lined Paper Stationery Design by stineshop
Stationery printing by zazzle

And yet another product that is simple as hell but is selling like crazy!

Santa Monica Pier - Sparkling Pink Photo Edit Postcard
Santa Monica Pier – Sparkling Pink Photo Edit Postcard by stineshop
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Most popular motive, definitely!

Santa Monica Pier Blue Neon Night Photo Edit Key Chain
Santa Monica Pier Blue Neon Night Photo Edit Key Chain by stineshop
Design your own photo keychain online at

I seem to have a lot of Santa Monica Pier fans coming to my shop 🙂

And another photo postcard from the Caribbean, also very popular!

Yes, I have sold this postcard more than once during that week 🙂


Behind the Scenes at Zazzle

I always find it fascinating to see what is going on at Zazzle. Take a look here 🙂

Zazzle Blog

It’s getting busy here at Zazzle headquarters, and the Zazzle elves who bring your designs to life and get them shipped safely to you are working harder than ever.

With the holidays fast approaching, our production facility in San Jose, CA is running around the clock. Here are some behind the scenes snapshots to give you an inside look. Enjoy!

Z is for zoooom! Packages on their way out the door of our manufacturing facility – straight from Zazzle to you.

zazzle shipping line

Looking good! A brand new batch of invitations coming down the line at our manufacturing facility.

Zazzle holiday invitations

When we say we can print pretty much anything, we mean it! This unique t-shirt is colorful – though somewhat droopy – proof!

Zazzle Basset Hound Collage Shirt

Freshly printed Christmas cheer from our manufacturing facility. The early birds are getting ready for the holidays already!

Zazzle Merry Christmas Cards

Boxes galore! All packed up and ready to ship out to you…

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35th calendar week of 2013 was another average week full of sales on Zazzle for me, myself and I 🙂 I was able to sell 4 products. Not much but none of them got cancelled and they are all green (paid). Perfect!

Here are the four products I have managed to sell:

Greetings from the Baths, British Virgin Islands Postcards
Greetings from the Baths, British Virgin Islands Postcards by stineshop
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This has become a pretty popular postcard and I am planning on doing more of this “collage” style for other parts of the world. It seems to pay off!

I love Aruba - One happy Island Post Card
I love Aruba – One happy Island Post Card by stineshop
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This is also a repeated sale of this postcard. It has also become pretty popular among Zazzle, especially for Americans. It is a unique design!

This is a slightly photo edited version of a photo we took back in 2003. It was not really a good photo because of foggy weather but the crisp effect turned it out to be unique and that’s what customers on Zazzle seem to cherish!

As this is the third postcard sale during this week, you can see that I did not really earn much during that week. Maybe $1, mainly because of the fourth sale being more expensive than a card:

This is a popular car bumper sticker in Germany. I am pleased that it is also a repeated sale!

Yes, it’s been quite a while since the last post but I had been terribly busy. Let’s take a look at calendar week 34, August 19th to 25th. During that particular week, I had eight sales:

Isla Saona - Palm Tree at the Beach Wall Clock
Isla Saona – Palm Tree at the Beach Wall Clock by stineshop
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I had sold this clock twice on two consecutive days to different customers!

It definitely pays off to do some research and NAME things like waterfalls as people who search for specific landmarks will find your products. There are way too many regular boring waterfalls available. Make your products special!

I really would love to know what customers do with these ceramic tiles. Are they for display only or do they get used in bathrooms or kitchens?

The cruise ships definitely sold well during the summer months!

This post is not only useful for Zazzle sellers, it does also apply for Cafepress, Etsy, Ebay or any other website or product you want to promote.

Most Twitter members make one simple but huge fault:

They join Twitter, tweet some messages and are crushed that their “promotion” does not have any effect.

If this sounds like your experience, you did it all wrong.

Sorry to say this but Twitter is an easy website for free promotion but you need to do it the right way!

It has no use sending out tweets and then hoping to sell something. Twitter is a social website, so you need to be social!

What you have to do in order to generate success through Twitter:

  1. Find Twitter users with similar interests and related tweets. Use the search box on tip of the Twitter page and search for a relevant topic, e.g. Zazzle. Then follow some users who share the same interest.
  2. When you see related tweets (e.g. about Zazzle), click on “retweet” and share their tweets! That way you spread their word and most Twitter users are very likely to go to your profile, follow your tweets and retweet what you had to say!
  3. When you receive a notification from Twitter that someone followed you, check out their profile and follow them back!
  4. When you receive a notification that some has re-tweeted a tweet than it is your duty to retweet one of their tweets!

Image via CrunchBase

Once you get the ball rolling, your “circle” of retweeting users will grow and so will your influence!

I myself make it a daily habit to check my emails for notifications and then I actively follow back and retweet.

What I do not like at all are people who do not return the courtesy of re-tweeting. They got it all wrong, are probably still hoping for some success through Twitter and will eventually fail.

So, let’s all retweet and grow our success together, shall we?

You can find me on and don’t forget to retweet 🙂

This is an extremely helpful article about Wanelo and Zazzle. I did not know about stories myself! You need to check it out!

Zazzle Blog

Wanelo, pronounced “wah-nee-loh” from Want -Need-Love, is a social shopping website where you can save and share your favorite products from various sites. With more than 10 million users, it’s a great website to gain exposure for your store, and with its recent app update, it’s creating more buzz than ever. In the new version of the Wanelo app, the user is prompted to share their Wanelo profile, which contain wishlists and collections, via email, SMS, or social media as soon as he or she logs in.  With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to get your products on Wanelo and onto poeple’s wishlists.

Wanelo Overview

To create a Wanelo account, go to and login with your Facebook or email address. Once you have selected your preferences, and followed three stores and three people, you can set up your profile and then start adding products, curating collections, and…

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