Mal was Anderes: Ich habe ausgemistet 🐱‍🏍#EbayKleinanzeigen #Mamikreisel

Ja, mal was anderes und nach langer Zeit mal wieder auf Deutsch, aber ich habe gerade das Gefühl, ich brauche jede Art der kostenlosen Werbung, die ich kriegen kann 😉 Ich habe übers Wochenende und mal so richtig aussortiert. Die Schränke der Kinder haben plötzlich wieder Platz und ich stehe da mit über 100 AngebotenContinue reading “Mal was Anderes: Ich habe ausgemistet 🐱‍🏍#EbayKleinanzeigen #Mamikreisel”

My GrabYourDesign Sales in January 2019

I had a bit forgotten about GrabYourDesign (GYD) until I received another payout from them. They are a rather slow earner for me with little royalties compared to other print on demand websites but they do a LOT to spread your products out there and make sure your designs can reach a broad customer base.Continue reading “My GrabYourDesign Sales in January 2019”

How to sell your Zazzle designs on Amazon?

This my friends, is probably the biggest mystery about Zazzle: How the hell (please excuse my language) can you encourage Zazzle to sell your products on Amazon? While Cafepress markets your products openly on Amazon and even Ebay, Zazzle does not answer any questions regarding Amazon. But there are many items on Amazon world-wide thatContinue reading “How to sell your Zazzle designs on Amazon?”

How to Use Twitter The Right Way!

This post is not only useful for Zazzle sellers, it does also apply for Cafepress, Etsy, Ebay or any other website or product you want to promote. Most Twitter members make one simple but huge fault: They join Twitter, tweet some messages and are crushed that their “promotion” does not have any effect. If thisContinue reading “How to Use Twitter The Right Way!”