How to sell your Zazzle designs on Amazon?

This my friends, is probably the biggest mystery about Zazzle: How the hell (please excuse my language) can you encourage Zazzle to sell your products on Amazon?

While Cafepress markets your products openly on Amazon and even Ebay, Zazzle does not answer any questions regarding Amazon. But there are many items on Amazon world-wide that are from Zazzle. They are doing it so secretely, that I only found out about it after googling my shopname “stineshop”. I regularly do this and can only recommend it as you get a variety of websites that are helping to sell your stuff from Zazzle. I love going there and showing some love, e.g. by tweeting their websites or pinning my own products. Sorry, I am a wh*re for social networking *lol*

So anyway, one day I came across one of my Zazzle products on Amazon and almost fell off my chair. Could you believe it? I didn’t – at first. And then I wanted to find out what I have to do to actively add my products to Amazon. In case you don’t know, Amazon is so huge, it is the best thing that can happen to a Zazzle seller since it brings your products to a whole new market.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found out what you have to do to get your Zazzle items included in Amazon’s online shop. But believe, I am working on finding it out! One theory is that they include your most popular designs. But they only do this for a short time. Items you find today might not be available in two weeks. During the last couple of months I had seen several of my products on, and even come and go. Whenever I am selling one particual item twice per week, I can be sure that it is on Amazon. It was the case with my “Hot TEA-cher mug” and my “Santa Monica Pier Green Orange Sparkles Edit Gel Mouse Mat” which I had just sold three times in two weeks before Christmas and all three of them to the UK – it’s listed on 🙂

These are my current products on Amazon:

Santa Monica Beach – Sparkling Pink Photo Edit Clocks

Hei er Lehrer – lustiges Wortspiel des HEISSEN Tassen

Santa Monica Pier Green Orange Sparkles Edit Gel Mouse Mats
Santa Monica Pier Green Orange Sparkles Edit Gel Mouse Mats

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15 thoughts on “How to sell your Zazzle designs on Amazon?

  1. If you ever find out how to get your own items added to Amazon, please let us know! Keep up the great work and here is wishing you all the best in the new year. 🙂


  2. Hi, thanks for the wishes. A happy new year to you, too.
    I am still trying to find out but have found nothing helpful so far. Maybe it’s not Zazzle who has added them to Amazon but someone trying to earn for the referral. I had even opened up a seller account on Amazon myself and tried adding my products but they got rejected.
    Well, at least Society6 does it better – there are over 1,000 of my products from them on Amazon and I am starting to earn some decent royalties.

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  3. I will have to start doing more on Society6, just have so little time. . . Sad to say, but Zazzle is NOT good to its designers 😦 Again, keep up the great work 🙂


  4. I am currently not designing on Zazzle at all since Quick Create keeps crashing my browsers. Chrome is the only one to not crash but it is getting slower and slower. So I am concentrating on promotion at the moment hoping to increase my sales on the other sites beside Zazzle 🙂


  5. Zazzle has been recording sales to my fiancée’s store as third party – even though I personally logged in as him, shared the products via email as him and then ordered the products as myself… He did not get the referral commission and was paid the reduced third party commission (5% deduction from his set commission). They also refuse to give me my yearly business cards for being a bronze seller – claim that since most of my sales are outside the US Zazzle .com I do not qualify. I have had my bronze badge for years and was given cards for two years. Have not been given cards for the past three years. One of their staff members said that I was only a basic seller. They will not answer when I ask why I was given a bronze badge and it is still posted to my member profile and to my shops. I am beginning to like them less and less every single day!!! 😞👎


  6. I saved this post in my inbox so I would not forget to come back and check to see if you had found the way to post Zazzle products to Amazon… I am renewing my Amazon seller’s account today because I have Marvel Comics to post – made me think of this post 🙂


  7. Aww, thanks for coming back.Unfortunately, I still have not solved this mystery. New products appear on Amazon, sell for a few weeks and are removed. Most of them are put online before Christmas but I have no idea how Zazzle is selecting them…


  8. I’ve been doing some research on this as well, but I think the only way to do this is if you have your products ready to ship within two days, and the only way to do it is to have your product in your hands already and ready to ship.

    I’ve seen my products from Zazzle on Amazon and it’s people stealing my designs and selling them. I’ve had to contact Amazon twice on this already. Sucks that people try and steal things, but I suspect it’s people from other countries doing this kind of stuff. Just a heads up to keep your eyes open for weird things like that on Amazon.


  9. I actually do construction during the days… What little time I have on the computer is getting smaller all the time. I tried searching for my products on Amazon, but maybe my descriptions are not good enough for thieves to consider posting them (or nobody else likes my designs enough to take them) 😉
    I might try searching again this weekend if I have a day off, but… Either way, Zazzle sales are so few and far between that I no longer rely on them as an income supplement ☹👎

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  10. Amazon sent out a message that those were illegal sales and you don’t get paid off amazon sales that is someone ripping you off and getting your bonus you have to report them to zazzle!


  11. Yes, that is a pity. But then, Zazzle’s products are very expensive. Sites like Artsadd do have a better price that might be competitive on Amazon. I haven’t seen any Zazzle products on Amazon for a long time, so I do think that not even Zazzle themselves are selling there anymore. Amazon charges up to 30% fees depending on the category, that is unbelievable…

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  12. That is really pitiful! I really love zazzle products and the quality just not the price. Hope they lower it down a little bit.


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