My Amazon Merch Sales in December 2020 & January 2021

Better late than never, I had totally forgotten to list my Amazon Merch sales for December 2020, so here they come together with two sales from January 2021:   Three products with four sales in total – on German These are probably the only two designs I can sell from time to time, theContinue reading “My Amazon Merch Sales in December 2020 & January 2021”

My Amazon Merch Sales in November 2020

Amazon Merch is slowly picking up pace after a complete halt during the Corona spring and summer. I have sold a total of six items (including France and Spain!) and hope there will be no return:      

My Amazon Merch Sales in March 2020

Yay, we all have managed to get out of that horrible month of March in 2020. How is everyone doing? Also fed up with the lockdowns and self quarantine? Let’s stay at home and be strong together! Amazon Merch has stopped printing their items for the US market on March 25 due to Covid-19 andContinue reading “My Amazon Merch Sales in March 2020”

My Amazon Merch Sales in November 2019

Let the demise begin… only THREE sales in Amazon Merch for November 2019 – THE shopping month for Christmas gifts 😦 Horrible, just horrible… even the slow summer months were much better. Q4/2019 is the worst ever in my print on demand history…

How to sell your Zazzle designs on Amazon?

This my friends, is probably the biggest mystery about Zazzle: How the hell (please excuse my language) can you encourage Zazzle to sell your products on Amazon? While Cafepress markets your products openly on Amazon and even Ebay, Zazzle does not answer any questions regarding Amazon. But there are many items on Amazon world-wide thatContinue reading “How to sell your Zazzle designs on Amazon?”