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And the second new print on demand website I have found this month is MiPic. It’s a British service, let’s see how they will cope with Brexit 😉

What I like about them is the really nice social sharing possibilities. I have uploaded a few designs and am waiting for the first sale now. I will keep you posted, as always.

Christine aka stine1 on MiPic

Christine aka stine1 on MiPic

Yay, I have found another new (at least for me) print on demand website where you can upload your designs and photos and they sell products not only on their own website but also on some others. I have yet to find out where exactly, it’s all rather vague.

Anyway, the first pieces are up and available to customers, I will keep you updated on any sales coming in. Let’s hope the best 💲💲💲

Christine aka stine1 on Noir Gallery

Christine aka stine1 on Noir Gallery

You know, I do not really know whether I love or hate Redbubble. I love their uploader, creating products from a new design is relatively fast. But I do hate the process of adding newly available products to older designs! Every fu**ing time!

There is no quick, fast and easy way to activate new products. They had just added cloth masks – so you had to edit every single one of your designs to add the according face mask. Only to find out one week later that they now also offer magnets. And kitchen aprons. And puzzles… oh, and don’t forget the new duffle bags and backpacks!

Christine aka stine1 on Redbubble

Christine aka stine1 on Redbubble

AAARRRRGH!!!!!! I have over 100 designs online, it is tedious! The only advantage: I also take a quick look at the keywords/tags and whenever I see an important one missing, I do add it.

So please excuse me, I need to add the new kid’s masks to the regular masks, the aprons and the puzzles! And the magnets… 🤮😜

In case you’d like to see what I am doing, please check out my Redbubble shop here:

Happy creating, happy hustling!

Searching through Google and Pinterest with my real name, I stumbled a cross a few pins of allover print t-shirts with my designs on them that I had uploaded on

I had not heard anything about them for a while and tried their website – offline or rather domain for sale 😦 I cannot remember noticing their demise and closing.

O Art Tee -

O Art Tee –

Their Facebook page is still online. Does anyone remember what happened to them? Their last Twitter tweet is from March 2016.

I think I never sold anything and therefore had no outstanding earnings.

Neon Nights on Curacao by Christine aka stine1 on Displate

Neon Nights on Curacao by Christine aka stine1 on Displate

Yay, I have sold one metal poster size M on Displate. I am slooooowly getting there reaching their cashout limit. Only one gazillion more sales *lol*

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