Calvendo – Kalenderprojekt “Future Fashion” wird von der Jury hervorgehoben 😁

Na sowas, das freut mich MEGA. Ich habe soeben eine Email erhalten mit der Info, dass mein neuer Kalender “Future Fashion” in der Anzeige für Händler und Kunden hervorgehoben und auf der ersten Seite angezeigt wird. Das sind wunderbare Nachrichten! Es überbrückt auf jeden Fall die Wartezeit zur Abrechnung des 3. Quartals 2022 und desContinue reading “Calvendo – Kalenderprojekt “Future Fashion” wird von der Jury hervorgehoben 😁”

Print on Demand Graveyard: What happened to #OArtTee @OArtTee ?

Searching through Google and Pinterest with my real name, I stumbled a cross a few pins of allover print t-shirts with my designs on them that I had uploaded on I had not heard anything about them for a while and tried their website – offline or rather domain for sale 😦 I cannotContinue reading “Print on Demand Graveyard: What happened to #OArtTee @OArtTee ?”

Zazzle has added Cloth Face Masks!

After Artsadd (which I don’t design for anymore), Zazzle has made cloth face masks available to add your designs to. As they are printed through their HEART project, you will receive a flat royalty of 5%. I have already created a few allover print face masks, here are some designs: FREEDOM for all of usContinue reading “Zazzle has added Cloth Face Masks!”

Very first Sale on VIDA Shopping 😍

You can say anything about the corona virus and the quarantine… some print on demand websites skyrocket this month and this is a huge plus for me. Well, the rest not so much… I know we would all be better off without the virus. Anyway, I had my first very surprising sale on VIDA: TheContinue reading “Very first Sale on VIDA Shopping 😍”

Testing Custom Creations @ VIDA

Might this be another Zazzle alternative? I can’t believe that no one has written much about VIDA yet, they seem to be legit and online for a few years. They so have very unique fashion items and jewelry up for you to add your designs. I have opened a store this month and have beenContinue reading “Testing Custom Creations @ VIDA”