Print on Demand Graveyard: What happened to #OArtTee @OArtTee ?

Searching through Google and Pinterest with my real name, I stumbled a cross a few pins of allover print t-shirts with my designs on them that I had uploaded on I had not heard anything about them for a while and tried their website – offline or rather domain for sale šŸ˜¦ I cannotContinue reading “Print on Demand Graveyard: What happened to #OArtTee @OArtTee ?”

My Shirts on OArtTee

OArtTee is a relatively new website which just came out of their beta status. They remind me of but they only sell t-shirts – nothing else (yet). All shirts can be ordered for women or men in different sizes. Here are some of my designs: See all my t-shirt designs on my OArtTee profileContinue reading “My Shirts on OArtTee”