Zazzle Review gone wild AGAIN!

  Ok, so I have received an email from Zazzle support about one of the images I had used yesterday to create new products in bulk (through quick create templates) and I honestly do not understand the reason. This is the email they had sent me: Dear stineshop, Thank you for being a Zazzle Seller.Continue reading “Zazzle Review gone wild AGAIN!”

Your chance for one free ad!

This post will be your chance for a little advertising. You may comment with your Zazzle shop link included which will generate a backlink and hopefully a little promotion for your store. I will also spread the word about this post, so that we all get the most and best possible exposure. Maybe you couldContinue reading “Your chance for one free ad!”

Zazzle Content Review gone wild!

Ok, I just had a very good laugh when checking my emails. Zazzle has removed one of my new designs. You can see it attached to this topic. It is one of the altars from Cologne Cathedral. Guess what the reason for deletion is? “Design may contain nudity, depicts artistic nudity and/or be considered sexuallyContinue reading “Zazzle Content Review gone wild!”

What do you think about templates on Zazzle?

I must say, I have learned to love templates on Zazzle as they make it so much easier to create products with the same photo or piece of art. I cannot thank Barb enough for helping me and giving a great guide on how to create templates. The only negative thing I can report isContinue reading “What do you think about templates on Zazzle?”

Zazzle Sale 2012-04-24 (Capitol in Sacramento Post Card)

Hurray, this has been one of my first postcard sales and the first ever with my pretty popular photo of the Capitol of California in Sacramento. This postcard was sold to Debbie in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. And although I only earned $0.06 in royalty, I was very happy about this purchase. Why? I don’tContinue reading “Zazzle Sale 2012-04-24 (Capitol in Sacramento Post Card)”