My Zazzle Sales in June 2020

I had one referral sale in June, hurray! ❤ Blush Pink Spring Rustic Bohemian Floral Satin Ribbon by gift_of_heaven And these are my own sales during June 2020: RMS Queen Mary Hotel and Museum in Long Beach Postcard by stineshop AIDAluna Cruise Ship Collage Magnet Turquoise Spiderweb Santa Monica Pier Cloth Face Mask Majestic WaterfallContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in June 2020”

My Zazzle Sales in April 2020

Ok, brace yourself. As sad as this whole corona covid-19 pandemic is – and we don’t even know the end of it yet – the sales on Zazzle are skyrocketing. In case you have no Zazzle account yet or don’t know how to sell more…. design puzzles and cloth face masks. Period… I just hopeContinue reading “My Zazzle Sales in April 2020”

Postcrossing Postcards by Christine aka stine1 on Zazzle

Find unique postcards for postcrossing or sending them to your loved ones from your vacation. They also make a great inexpensive travel souvenirs for yourself. Postcards from all around the World, not only for postcrossing. Postcrossing Postcards by Christine aka stine1 Postcards for Postcrossing

Your chance for one free ad!

This post will be your chance for a little advertising. You may comment with your Zazzle shop link included which will generate a backlink and hopefully a little promotion for your store. I will also spread the word about this post, so that we all get the most and best possible exposure. Maybe you couldContinue reading “Your chance for one free ad!”