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My Zazzle Sales in June 2020

I had one referral sale in June, hurray! ❤

And these are my own sales during June 2020:

April 2015 was an average month for me on Cafepress but hey, a few days ago I have received my second cash out from them. So I am pretty happy about what’s happening over there. During April 2015, I have sold these three items:

I knew that shooting our own photos of the Cologne Cathedral would make us a profit in Zazzle 🙂

This sale does not earn us a huge sum, but small amounts do add up!

English: The Gothic Cologne cathedral in Cologne, Germany Deutsch: Kölner Dom bei Nacht in der Stadt Köln Italiano: Il Duomo di Colonia di notte. עברית: קתדרלת קלן הגותית Русский: Кёльнский собор ночью (Кёльн, Германия) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone anonymous from Aachen in Germany has bought this beautiful fridge magnet:

This sale earned us €0.47 which should be a bit more than $0.70. Not bad, huh?

I have a lot of products online with different photos of the gothic Cathedral in Cologne and this one is the second item I have sold with such a photo. Way to go 🙂


Have a great weekend!


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